Veterans Day 11/11/2014

American Flag

American Flag

It is a beautiful Tuesday.  In the land of the western hemisphere it is Veteran’s day.  A day to remember when soldiers defended our freedoms in America, I know this because I am a vet and an American.

America has the most opportunities for anyone to achieve goals and dreams.  The country was built on freedom.  It is the land of the negatives when one chooses to find those freedoms not free to their own flavors or choices.  It is also the land of the positives to choose their own freedoms of flavors or choices.

It is always a matter of choice in anything in life.  It only depends upon one’s own lifestyle as to what choice they choice in what flavor (positive, negative, etc.) in thought pattern.

I do appreciate and give thanks to all those in the military past, present, and future.

Find moments in time when gratitude is part of your own being.  No one can demand respect we all must earn respect.