Colors of Music

Frixie 1.1 001-001


Colors of music

Can you step into my world of time and space?

See the emotions of colors as they splash through-out the skies.

When I paint the world is my canvas.

It is the splash of paint as drops of color flicker amongst the backdrop of possibilities!!

Snap on the music, find the rhythm and let the colors of life come to you.

It is a bright and beautiful life.

Music meditation is fantastic – go with flow – inspiration flows in colors.

What color is your flow today?

There is a certain essence within the energy of everything.

I received noticed to day I now have 4 years on this site.  That kinda blew me away, because time slips by so fast.  In numerology on 11/09/2014 equals a 9. I thought what does the number 9 mean?  I found a link what the number 9 represents in numerology. I read it, I felt it, now sharing it.