Art – A Fractal Life

fractal boar 4000 1.1

Fractal Boar

I love life!!  It is the most fascinating place to hang out 🙂

Life – the sights, sounds, taste, and everything that makes life a fascinating journey.  The adventures are like letting your spirit take the reins and you are just along for the ride hahaha!!!  It’s a roller coaster of the ultimate dream.

The colors of life are the rainbows of flavor.

To live life daily as if it were your last day, that’s the same as saying, hey today is your last party. Truly makes no sense to have the last party of your life, where’s the fun in that?

My mom has this habit, she tends to stick but, at the end of sentences.  I say but, is only an excuse.  Why would you like excuses, are they fun to hang on to hahaha!!  Why do that, when it is more fun to let excuses have a life of their own.  I will just go over here and have fun, and when you’re done with those excuses, let me know and we will start having fun again hahaha.

A fractal life is a fractal world.  It constantly changes and new shapes form.  The new shapes that take place are thoughts that have shed old patterns way of thinking.  Fractals are the curves.  Life has curves through all experiences.  It’s a roller coaster called the love wave.  The love wave is all the flavors of senses humans have.  Life is easy if you let it and hard if you make it, it’s that simple.  To live in the land of excuses will only let new experiences of flavors be blocked from coming in, where is the fun in that??  That is the past, a past thought, and a past color of flavor.  Flavors change, take new shapes, called fractals.

The synchronicity of energy is fantastic.  Everything is presented in front of us on a constant basis.  Mindfulness is being aware when the synchronicity happens when it happens.  It only happens in present moment.  If a person lives with thought of past moments in present moment, they miss present moment from happening in mindfulness.  That is how so many people miss the fantastic adventure called life.  It happens when you least expect it due to mindless.

Fractals are a mathematical equation, sciences definition of how things are formed.  The frontal lobe of rational thought is determined through labels of categorizing of cognitive thought.  The thought process is basically how humans can define through definition in order to make sense of something, to feel comfortable in a world that may feel uncomfortable.  The real question that science should be looking for is why are fractals formed?  What seed gave it, its life?  Clue – the seed is thought.

Some people are colored blind.  Some see brown when it is really green or vice versa.  This is thought that is due to perception.  Perception comes from thoughts of change; change is the curves that are the fractals of life.  The fractals are the rainbows of flavors.

I love life and all the flavors of life; it is the ultimate dream in reality.  The reality of waking state and dream state in one state of being, is watching the synchronicity of life unfolding in the ultimate dream.  The ultimate dream is riding the waves in a fractal world.

That world is happening now at this moment in time.  My fractal animals started birthing in March 2014.  They are still in incubation on  till they start living in the book.

In the meantime, they get to come out and see the day in the world that humans live for one day.

My art booth will present fractal animals in present state of being on December 13th and December 14th at

The fractal animals are part of the adventures in the book 5N1.  The adventure is for all children to read the book, so that it will bring smiles to their hearts that will become memories to last a life time.

My ultimate dream has always been to make a difference in the world.  To make a difference to me would be to bring smiles to children’s hearts around the world that are terminally ill.  To see their faces light up when they read my book, in bleak moments in their lives.  That to me is the best love you could ever give a child.  The children are our future generation of the human species; their hearts will make a difference in our world.