Gratitude comes in a variety of flavors.

Life within its self – is going in between the between to core of being.

The core of being starts from morals, values, and ethics beyond human morals, values, and ethics.

Gratitude is filtered from within simultaneously outside of self then in wards.   Like a boom-a-rang.

3D 3rd dimension gives instant gratification – instant karma.

Gratification is filtered within each chakra.  There are 21 chakras in the whole body of being.  The 22nd chakra is the being itself.

Bringing smiles to your heart (all 4 hearts) is to filter gratitude from spirit to self, from consciousness to sub consciousness to awareness.  It must be filtered through 3 layers in 3D 3rd dimension.  Everything happens in threes in 3D, and then reversed from awareness to sub consciousness to consciousness.

4D is 4th dimension is collective consciousness.  5D 5th dimensions is cosmic consciousness.

Gratitude starts from a seed within core of being, then transcends through all the filters through the holographical umbilical cord, into the matrix, into other dimension within dimensions.

Filters  aka – funnels/fractals only know one direction.  The direction is the energy that you send it – in the way you send it, how you send it, when you send it, etc.

The variations of energy stimulates from mindfulness.  Mindless brings empty gratification in the land of superficial surface level of love.

Gratitude is being aware that all negative positive, heaven hell, black white, etc. – are all one energy, in 3D 3rd dimension.  It is gratitude when all this comes to you.  It is the opportunity to grow in personal growth on a daily basis.

Learn to love your hates and you will receive more of the loves you deserve.

To deserve is to give, to be what it is you so desire.

To desire gratitude is the same as telling higher consciousness I am ready for the next adventure in life.  I am grateful for the experiences to grow in personal growth.