Burning Desire

Burning Desire

In the 7 laws of money, Carl Jung said, “If it’s a good thing the money will come”.

I truly have had a burning desire for 20 years to be in an art competition for the city.  The city art competitions in any city nationwide are connected to the Art Guild.  The Art Guild is the top notch for professional artist.

What makes this competition so special, is my first art competition in a different city, I was told they could not judge my art, and they would have to change the rules.  Plus I have never taken an art class in my life.  So to make it to the big league took a lot of work, with no instructor helping me with my goal.

You really got to believe in yourself to make your goals happen.  Some call it the law of attraction.  I call it a burning desire.  Because, this is one of the things I was meant to do.

My art is natural and for my next book.  The book is an adventure of a boy’s life.  The books I write and will write are also a burning desire of the things I was meant to do in this life time.

To create a lifestyle within a lifestyle of a social network of cultures, within a culture is a culture within its own self.  It is a lifestyle within the realms of energy of past, present, and future life times.

I will be in two art competitions in person.  Attached is the links to those events.  If you happen to pass through the City of Mesa, stop by and take a peek.



All my art is located on


The book is fun, the art is fun, but the purpose is a burning desire to bring smiles to children’s hearts.