Bad attention better than good attention?

Bad attention is better than no attention at all.  This is how some children grow up.  Same as little children in adult bodies. They feel a giant need to get attention.

In the life of entertaining, politics, etc. the bigger the show, the more attention they get.  Same thing comes to war.

Anger is hurt turned inside out.  No rocket science 😉

War is a conflict of love inside of self, which is then passed on to other species upon planet earth.  That conflict of self denial of self love is then inflicted upon others – out side of self.

A person can do 100 good things, but people always remember that one bad thing.  Which then imposes judgment.  Is this what future generations learn?  Do we pass judgement – that if you are bad you will get more attention?  Isn’t that reverse psychology in the wrong direction?

Really, seriously – we need more adults in the world!!!



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