A closed mind is a terrible thing to waste.

A closed mind is a terrible thing to waste.

In a particular moment in time we may wish things to be different then they are. These moments we would like to change.  The change is called personal growth.  Personal growth is the hardest thing to learn in life.

Once a person gets stuck in a rut of the same way of thinking, the world does not change only that person changes.  They become hard. They do not like this, or that.  This is straight up, keeping it real, negative way of viewing.  The harder someone becomes the more they grow less in love.  That love is called life.  They are losing their love for life.  Hardness creates a disease called dis-ease.

As time goes by they become miserable.  Their heart becomes hardened.  They start losing their love for life.  Even when so many good things may be happening around them, they cannot see it.  They have made a groove in life called a rut.  For one reason or another they choose not to change.  In which case they will for some unknown reason to them start getting sick.  They seem to catch more colds frequently than they use to.  As time goes by they start noticing more sickness come to them.  Eventually they will have a disease.

A person that is very healthy catches a sickness or a disease and they know why.  But, they just do not pay attention to the pattern that they have created for themselves.

The human being is a creature on earth just like any other creature on earth.  We are all different species in a sea of species on planet earth in 3d 3rd dimension, in the physical realm of earths physical plane of existence.

The element on earth in western mind-set has 4 elements.  In the eastern mind-set there are 5 elements.  Elements – earth, air, fire, water, metal.

Earth changes in its elements, the human being, but only one species of many must change with each element on earth.  For each season, the human being must change with it.  To flow with chi a person must go with the flow of the elements.  For example – when the element is cold you eat and drink cold food.  When the element is hot, you eat and drink hot.  Before you change nutrition you must find out your Vedic body type.  Cold blooded people need to eat warm or hot foods depending upon if they already have a disease or not.  A hot-blooded person needs to eat cold foods. Nutrition is the opposite of chemicals in the elements.

The rut is a closed mind.  Change mind-set from closed to open.  There is a very big world that many have chosen to keep at a distance, simply because they just do not understand.  That is only a perception of fear.  To be more afraid of what one does not understand will be very detrimental to one’s health.

Knowledge from one’s own past life time is brought forth in this lifetime, everyone was born this way.  This is called karma.  Pay attention to the moments in life you may perceive in what you do not like.  Those moments in time are the lessons of karmic debt, from a past or present life time.

Pay attention to holistic nutrition.  Holistic nutrition is the nutrition you put into your mind, body, emotion, and spirit. The 4 bodies of being make 1 whole being called a human being.

A closed mind is only receiving parts of the nutritional value for the 4 bodies of being.  Learn to enjoy every moment in life.  Because, life is love and love is life.


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