Music Vibrations

Tones are the vibrational vibrations of rhythmic rhythms.  The frequencies of tones are the same as a heart monitor for a heart rate.  The MHz is the frequencies of tones in high or low.  Such as a person with a busy mind cannot relax simply, because the frequency of input of information keeps the mind in high gear.

When listening to meditation music such as music therapy will bring down the vibrations of thoughts into a lower frequency.  A busy mind that has never meditated before would be best to use a 175 MHz for relaxation.  But, for those that have done meditation for years it is easy to go with a 936 MHz.

The 936 MHz is a very high vibrational frequency for people that their senses are at higher awareness.  I prefer still mind meditation, which will then activate DMT naturally.  Still mind meditation can be done for hours.  The body only follows what the mind tells it to.  So naturally people that have too much going on upstairs cannot meditate with music meditation at higher frequencies of MHz.  Studies show that plants and babies that listen to music meditation have a much calmer demeanor.  The tones are what activate the nerves within the human body.

When you can learn with much years of practice to listen to the frequency of MHz within music it will calm nerves.  I listen to music meditation when I paint.  Which; then puts me in a zone (meditation), so that the world does not exist; just for a little while.  When I do finish a painting it does look like a rainbow, especially when using neon colors.

When I do listen to music meditation, I try to mix it up.  I listen to Tibet Singing bowls, 936 MHz of meditation music, or psychedelic music.  I do not listen to any music that has vocals, because then the meditation stops.  I prefer just the music alone.

Next year on the agenda I will be making a music meditation cd.  It will be a combo of hypnotherapy with color therapy combined with background of nature.   It will be a side project for practice, for the music I need to make for the children’s pop-up book I am working on.  Also, in the works, my mother has Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, I told her I would make her a singing cookbook.  Basically, it will be a jingle of herbs for health to add to her food.  Such as, parsley is good for heart burn.  So I had parsley to just about everything I cook and bake.  This way she won’t lose the pieces of paper or forget where she put it.  It will be online for easy access for her.  I love my momma!!!

This year is hard-core art (fractal animals), next year – hard-core training, writing, and music.  Hard core training is straight up 600 crunches and jogging the bleachers 25 times plus work out at the gym, yep all in the same day, no big whoop!!  Living life to the fullest, I love life 🙂