It just amazes me how closed some human minds can be!!!! It is absolutely amazing when a word is invented, yes invented!!!  As the years go by the same word then obtains a new meaning.  To the older generation a word means something entirely different then to the younger generation today. Such as sick, in the past meant you were physical sick.  Today sick means bad, but bad means good. Years ago bad really meant bad, not a good thing.

Do you see how words can form an opinion about someone, simply because another person’s mind will lower someone else, just because of a little word.  My goodness I thought an adult was to learn and teach to and from children.  That is how humans grow as a species.

Fact is I do use cuse words in everyday life, and that is a fact.  Does it make me less of a human being, of course not!!!.  Small minds think small.

A closed mind hurts my mind.  We will never grow into 1 love as a human species when there are children running around in adult bodies. And that is a fact!!!

Open your mind and you will free your world!!!  A closed mind only creates toxins.  And guess what later you will receive a dis-ease, simple because you choose to close your mind!!! That is a fact.