You Choose

Life is easy if you let it and hard if you make it.  Dwelling on anything in life is keeping that thought in your mind and never letting it free.  Dwelling on the same subject matter will bring that object of desire to you. Such as, if you worry a lot of what is going to happen, it will.  It’s that simple.  Dwelling is energy that you choose to come into your life.  So what is the point of dwelling?  I see no point in it, simply because there is way too much life out there, to just dwell.  I got way too much to do to hang in that realm of redundant boring.

I was like that for many years.  Then I asked myself one day, is this any fun, well of course not, so I just changed directions.  Years later, as my son would say everything in life is the opposite, I said you just finally figured this out, good for you.  It’s that simple.

Any change in life only changes when you change it.  If you choose to dwell on any subject matter you are keeping that energy alive inside of you.  Your body only follows what your mind tells it to.  Your body is one of the 4 bodies of being within a whole being.  Your body is very intelligent; it has a mind of its own.   The 1st chakra is the primordial body of being, the reptilian state of existence, eat or be eaten mechanism.

The brain is only a tool for the mind.  Your thoughts come from your mind.  Your thoughts activate the chemicals within your mind that sends signals to your body.  Your body then reacts to your thoughts.  Your mind transmits chemicals from your brain to your body.  Your body then reacts to these chemicals.  Your body is on high alert.  Your body stays on high alert till you stop dwelling.  If this dwelling goes on for years your body will then begin to break down, as all man-made things will break down in time. 3d 3rd dimension is time/space and mass/matter, of the physical plane of existence, in earth’s physical realm of the human 5 senses.  That is the point of life to know your purpose of living, not the living dead of dwelling.  Dwelling brings death, not life.

Who is in control you or your thoughts?  Who is in control you or your mind?  Who is in control you or your body?  Who is in control you or your emotions?

It is you – you are a spiritual being that has come to earth to experience life.  Life is only an experience in an adventure.  The adventure is what emotion you attach to the experience.  You choose, it’s that simple.

Pay attention, be aware of your thoughts, cause your thoughts can and will change your life.  It’s that simple, it’s that easy.

I just finished painting – Time Warp Floating Objects

My first book –

My first book did not have illustrations.  I am working on the illustrations now.

Life is good and gets better everyday. 🙂