Paranoia Kills

Paranoia kills.  Paranoia will kill you.  Paranoia is an energy that is stimulated in the brain in which the body must act.  Every time a person becomes paranoid the body’s heightened senses will go into overdrive.  Every time this happens it is then stored in the memories, with in the mind and body and emotion.  The buildup becomes chronic. In turn you will receive chronic pain.

Years down the road you start getting arthritis etc.  Itis = inflammation.  When arteries, blood vessels, etc. have to work overtime they begin a series of constant pain, which is titled chronic.  In turn then you get to take synthetic drugs (prescription) from a medical doctor.

Paranoia believes something real or imagined.  The body only followers what the mind tells it to.

To think is to act. Actions have power.  Power in your mind will filter into your body. Your body reacts.  Your emotions have power. Your thoughts will become emotions.  Emotional attachments to a paranoid thought will counter act back to you.

Like a boom-a-rang.  What you think you will receive back.

Paranoia kills. Paranoia will kill you.  Learn to be yourself. Learn to flip that switch. Learn that the love wave of ups and downs, like a roller coaster, is detrimental to your health in mind/body/emotion/spirit.

Paranoia kills. Learn to love yourself.  Every time you are paranoid, you are telling yourself I live in the land of fear. Fear can kill you.  Love will bring you into a realm that only consciousness knows, but yet you are too afraid to open the door.

Paranoia kills. Flip the switch and love yourself.  Because, you are love.