Dream last night

I had a dream last night. I really don’t ever remember my dreams.  I dreamed about a dolphin, but it was shrunk, same size as the fractal animals I paint; in a very small pond inside a house.  The man loved his dolphin, but his girlfriend did not.  I was standing behind a curtain and watched a lady push the girlfriend into the pond, and then someone helped her out of the pond (bad ladies).  The only thing I thought was what about the dolphin? So I went over with a small shovel and scooped the rocks and the dolphin back into the pond.  The dolphin was pure white, it was dying.  In the water the dolphin opened its eyes and came close to me.  It started cleaning the inside of my mouth with its tongue (dolphin healing).  Then the dolphin went back into the water and became its normal color. Then I woke up.

When I woke up the center of my head was pounding (3rd eye chakra).

When I woke up I went to bing to search about dreams.  I came across this site. Then I started reading about Gemini (that’s me)