State of Being

State of Being

To see the time line of time/space and mass/matter of 3d 3rd dimension, we must step back through, to the beginning of earths history in consciousness of nothingness.  To go that deep is beyond human consciousness, for there is where the story is told.

History is but one moment in time.  To see the past, present, future is to see the nothingness in each.  Then combine the 3 together to make one whole.

To begin to go in between the between to the core of being, which is the nothingness is where it all begins.  I find many lovely videos on youtube on Tibetan singing bowls.  But, when I put up a video from youtube somehow it changes on my website every time I watch a new video.  The video, I only use for listening as I am creating my paintings.  I zone into the nothingness and awaken into a world detached from 3d 3rd dimension.

It is, as if a dream state has just emerged on the scene, while I am awake.  It is bringing the dream state of being into the waking state of being simultaneously.  In that moment in time is where beauty begins to unfold, as if I were the center of a flower that has not bloomed, I am the seed.

It is a hypnotic state of being in natural form of pure love.  It feels like time/space and mass/matter has completely stopped.  It is the free flow of energy in pure state of being at one with all.  This is where ideals come from.  This is the moment of personal growth.

Letting the expansion of personal growth flow free, without emotional attachment is the bliss of pure desire.  The desire to be free, is the desire of free flowing energy, by stepping into transcending the transparencies of cosmic consciousness.  This is the past, present, future in one moment in time.  Then you come out of the state of meditation, you are then in present moment.  In this moment you become heavy once more, simply because of gravity.  The gravity of one’s own mind that contains the holographical images in consciousness brings human desire of burdens, which is karmic baggage.

I find that humans enjoy karmic debt.  Karmic baggage is lessons to learn in this life time.  They enjoy karmic debt, because if they didn’t they would not keep doing it.

Learn to love your hates and you will receive more of the loves you deserve.  Learn your lesson of how to receive love as a whole being.  Receiving only parts of love is thus conditional love.  To obtain unconditional love is to find the path of your destiny.  That means go inside discover who you are, not what you are.  You can always make more money but you cannot make more time.  Time is precious same as you are precious.  Use time wisely, love yourself, and give yourself time to discover who you are, because you are love.

For now I am painting Chinese astrological signs and Feng Shui animals to produce fractal animals.  Fractals are mathematical calculations – numbers.  So it is taking astrology with numerology as one.  When I am finished I will be starting on a children’s popup book, so the animals will pop up, and music will play on those pages.

Animals have come from cosmic consciousness; numbers come from symphonies of synergy of infinity.  Combine the two together and it will produce one item; once again 1 + 2 = 3.  Three is the number of 3d 3rd dimension of the earth’s physical plane of existence in the human 5 senses.  This is how ideals are born in the state of nothingness.  To go deep is to become the seed.  The seed is energy in pure state of being.  This is the state of being pure love while in 3d 3rd dimension.

Light and Love