Fractals in 5N1

Fractals are mathematical equations.  Math = numbers.  The value system is infinite.  Each note on a musical scale correlates to numbers.  Notes are infinite.  Each vibrational vibration of a tone vibrates into color in 3d 3rd dimension in the physical plane of existence. Each vibrating number vibrates at different frequencies of colors.  Colors are infinite.

It is the spectrum of infinity that transcends within parallel dimensions, which correlates to multi-dimensional dimensions within multifaceted universes.  Human science is but a baby science compared to universal science of cosmic consciousness.

The vibrational tones are activated with human thought, which then brings about action.  It is the action of thought that presents itself within 3d 3rd dimension of tangibles, which simply means art, music, literature, etc.  They are all vibrations of energy.

History always repeats itself.  Vibrations always repeat at different frequencies of tones.  The tones then produce an array of color spectrum beyond human comprehension.  The color spectrum within human eyes is limited to blockages.  The blockages correlate to the DNA structure.

3 levels of consciousness – (1) human consciousness of physical awareness, (2) sub-consciousness with in the human mind, (3) collective consciousness of all species on planet earth as one consciousness.

To understand and open consciousness is with meditation.  I do still mind meditation.  Meditation activated naturally, will activate your own DMT.  When DMT is activated it is bringing your waking state and your dream state into one state of being.

In this state of being I then can produce fractal animals.  I see the inside, the neurons, the protons, the atoms dancing within the DNA.  The energy produced from the DNA from tones gives me the colors to paint fractal animals.

For now I have finished painting the fractal animals from Chinese Astrology signs and Chinese Feng Shui animals.  I am now working on the fractal scenes for the book.  So you got good and bad guys. Then I will start the Native American animal totem fractals.

First two paragraphs from the book 5N1

“The year was 3050 in universe #23, planet number #3 named Shako.  Shako was a very peaceful and beautiful world.  On March 11, 3050 a boy was born and his name was Ashmer.  Ashmer looked just like any other boy on planet Shako.  His hair was a golden blonde that seemed to shimmer when light reflected upon it.  His eyes were a crystal blue with specks of rainbow colors around the irises.

Ashmer’s parents were so happy to receive such a special gift, a child.  Ashmer’s parents had special gifts.  They only hoped that some day when they did have a child, the child would also carry this special gift.  The moment Ashmer was born both parents looked at each other, and then they looked at Ashmer.  They admired what a beautiful baby he was.  They were waiting so patiently for him to take his first glance upon the world.  He slowly opened his eyes to see the new day.  As he did the room began to illuminate with a golden cast of sunlight, that shown through the window from the two suns.”

First Day

First Day