Birth of Fractal Animals

Fractal Boar

Fractal Boar

It is truly amazing the world is so full and rich with essence but, yet humans are blind to this energy.  I draw and paint fractal animals by hand.  Fractals are mathematical equations.

3 – Male – yang – straight lines – conflict.

6 – Female – yin – curved lines- love.

The energy in 3D 3rd dimension is alive and lives in Earth.

In = in the moment, in the emotion, in the physical realms of the human 5 senses.

Of = above the moment, above the emotion, above the astro plane of existence, above the human 5 senses.

There is no rocket science to understanding energy.  It is the perception of perceiving one’s own truth in understanding self through learning self-love.

The fractal animals I draw and paint are for my next book.  I do my own writing, my own art work, and will learn to be a DJ, so I can make the music for the pop-up book.

The book is a children’s pop-up book.  When the fractal animals pop up the music will play.

Fractals are mathematical equations a mathematician discovered in the 70’s.  My children were learning about fractals in the 80’s.  So it is basically old news now.  Fractals are found in nature such as broccoli, cauliflower, ferns, etc.  It’s nothing new only humans just discovered what has been in front of their face since the beginning of human history.

A human mind that is closed is ignorant.  Ignorance is some one that knows better, but chooses a different path.  Everyone was born with this knowledge, they choose by choice to block this knowledge from the day of their birth.  It’s that simple.  There is no rocket science to it.

A human with an open mind is innocent.  Because, they understand through the knowledge, of pure love.  Pure love does not judge.

A human hears with their ears.  They listen with their whole being.

A human sees with human eyes and judges.  The whole being of the 4 bodies of being sees with 3rd eye chakra which leaves judgment to those that live in the primordial body of being, in the first chakra.  The first chakra is the primordial body of being in the reptilian state of being, in fight or flight mechanism.  The reptilian state of being, is just that, they live on instinct, with no thought of action.  Basically, eat or be eaten.  No rocket science there!!!

When I look at a human being, all I see is a person, I see energy.  I see the colors of their state of being in their emotional body of being.  When I look at a person, I do not see skin, I see bone structure.  The bone structure tells me from what century the blood line comes from.

I take this knowledge that to some can be boring and make it fun.  I am a Gemini!!  If it’s not fun then what is the point in doing it, it’s that simple!! No rocket science there.

Taking fractals, Chinese Feng Shui animals and Chinese Astrology signs, is how fractal animals were born.  They are the characters in the next book I am writing.  There is no rocket science to the method, it is only deep thinking in the depths of energy.  The book 5N1 is a continuation of the book I published two years ago “The Universe Is Calling You”.  It is a young person’s Metaphysical book, but there were no pictures.  Children love picture books.

I listen to tons of music from the 50’s to today, from classical, heavy metal, rap, techno and everything in between.  Each vibrational tone of each note of music, gives a vibration of color. The tones tell me what color to paint each fractal animal.  The energy comes from the person that is playing the music, writing the music, etc.  Taking that energy and the colors produces lovely works of art called fractal animals.

Its real simple, it’s pure love.

The book is about the epic of grand gestures.

Transcending the transparencies of cosmic consciousness.