Great summer stuff

Life really is great!! Super cool stuff always happening everyday.

Everyday is an experience in adventure.  It is the emotional attachments we choose to have with each experience we have.  The adventure is life!! It’s that simple.

I pretty much live on soundcloud


to get the vibrational beats of the auric colors for the fractal animals.  The beat/tones tell me what color to paint.  My spirit is my guide and shows me which color to choose.  Just finished the fractal boar and it is now on

Music and art are just an amazing world of love.  Funny thing is I like and post on soundcloud and it goes to my twitter page.  And, people on twitter think I’m a DJ, now how cool is that!! haha

So now I will add that to my list to do, learn how to be a DJ 😉

I do plan to add music to the children’s pop up book I am writing. Just didn’t know how it was going to come about.  Signs have been pointing to that direction since I use to live on youtube last year.

Peace and Love