Dense Elements

Chi is energy in Chinese.  When chi stays in one place to long the energies get stagnant.  Chi begins to feel heavy.  Humans feel this through their emotions.  They feel they are being weighted down, attached to earth.  Earths energy is very dense.

3D 3rd dimension is earth’s physical plane of existence of the human 5 senses.  The emotional body is the fluctuation of chi.  Chi and the emotional body, is like on a collision course unless the emotional body is flowing naturally with the flow of energy.

To flow naturally is to understand all 5 elements and flow with them.  In Chinese Feng Shui it contains the bagua map.  The bagua map is the element of color and place of objects in any setting you may be in.  These objects are part of 3D 3rd dimension physical tangible items.  To understand Chi is to understand the energy that lives inside of color and objects.

Example – if you are a fire element according to Chinese astrological sign, and you have too much yin or yang objects in your environment then you may be flowing against chi.  Which, just means you need to change the elements of energy in your environment.

6 years ago I got rid of 95 % of everything I own.  I feel that too much tangible create too much chaos in the environment and then chi becomes stagnant.  The stagnant energy is yin (female) and it becomes suffocating. Yang is male.  As the energy becomes too stagnant some find comfort in density and these people love conflict.  So they are basically what we would call hoards.  Hoards need to feel the physical plane of earth’s density to stay grounded.

Chi is energy it is more than physical tangibles.  When you let chi flow it flows in and out of you in the natural course of things.  When you keep chi you keep energy of tangible items.  When you keep tangible items you then keep the energy and become attached to the object.  To be attached to an object, you then create an emotional attachment, which is an emotional blockage.  Any attachment to any object, person, place or thing will create density in earth’s physical plane.  This is human nature.

Remember to create balance we must let energy flow free.  To be attached is in the mind of chaos.  It is like telling the universe I don’t want to play your game.  I want what I want, same as a child would.  Then the universe says, okay you don’t want to listen, and then here you go.  You will receive love in the form of a lesson.  The lesson is tough love.  The universe says since you want to hang on to energy in physical form and you don’t want to play with chi, but against chi, then I will teach you a lesson.  The lesson is a sickness.

A thought turns into an emotion, which becomes an emotional attachment, which creates a blockage, which creates ailments/sickness.

Key – change thought patterns and you change your world.  Learn to flip the switch of the love wave.  In the moment in the emotion creates stagnant chi.  Of the moment is above the energy of the tangibles in 3d 3rd dimension in higher states of consciousness.

Transcend the transparencies of cosmic consciousness.