Kaleidoscope Meets Fractalous




Life truly is an amazing adventure!!!  Since 2012 life pretty much exploded in 3d 3rd dimension.  You can see the vibrational frequencies in the after shock, kind like the after math of a tidal wave or tornado, its still the same but different.  That is the whole point of awareness through awakening.  Some people pick up these vibrational frequencies and are afraid cause it is over whelming.  There are others that know how to direct this vibrational frequency of energy into a power source.  This source then comes out in 3d 3rd dimension in organic matter in physical form.

3d 3rd dimension is the physical plane of existence on earth to experience the human 5 senses.  4d 4th dimension is 4d 4th dimension and so on and forth.  3d 3rd dimension is time/space and mass/matter, its all in my book published last year.

Anyways these energies of awareness are brought in 3d 3rd dimension in physical form in art, music, poetry, literature, technology, the list goes on and on.  However, history always repeats itself, nothing new.  The frequencies of vibrations are actually from parallel universes.  My 3rd book I am working on is from the 23 Universe, planet # 3.  The fractal animals I am drawing and painting will be in the book.

Human beings are but one species on earths physical plane.  We are all here to have an adventure through experience.  The soul is the teacher to the spirit that is the student.  The spirit is the teacher to the human that is the student.  I have always listened to my spirit.  Sometimes I’m like a kid and don’t want to, but my spirit will do something like any good parent does and something bad happens, it is a form of punishment to pay attention.  I saw my spirit guide when I was 5 years old.  It was an old Indian man with a feather behind his head.  So when ever I have questions in life, like right after wards a feather will appear. Like on a sidewalk or in front of a door, or where ever.  The darker the color tells me it is a bad thing, don’t do it.  The lighter the color of the feather tells me it is a good thing, go ahead and do it.

So 5 months ago my spirit guide basically took over my hands and I started drawing and painting fractal animals.  Never took drawing lessons in my life.  I find it is easier to draw things upside down or backwards.  It is easier to visualize the object.  I am working on a series of Chinese astrology signs with Feng Shui animals for the series Kaleidoscope meets Fractalious.  I now have my painting on 3 different sites and actually won an Honorable mention with a certificate.  I am entering my paintings in competition in hopes of winning enough money to pay for the publishing of my third book.  It will be a children’s pop up book.  When the fractal animals pop up music will play.  Depending upon the adventure in the story as to what type of music, happy, scary, etc.

After my Phd last year I started training for competitions in vegan body building belly dancing.  But it got put on hold, cause my spirit said it is time to do this book.  So when all the animals are done, and the writing is done the opportunity will pop up and say, here we go it is time to publish.  The key is to let it happen.  If a person is always chasing after what they want, they will get it, but not how they want it.  We always get what we want, but not how we want it, because we really didn’t know what we wanted in the first place.

So basically as everyone else tells me you are living your dream.  I learned along time ago there is no such thing as yesterday nor tomorrow.  Change the word problem to challenge.  Everyday is a challenge to be a better person than I was the day before.  The more I learn about me, the more I can help others, which in turn helps humanity.  Take every negative word and make it positive.  Takes practice but it will happen.

I have a different type of music meditation.  I pretty much live on soundcloud, it helps me zone for visualization to draw and paint the fractal animals.  Human hear with their ears.  To listen is through whole being.  The 4 bodies of being – mental, physical, emotional, spirit, listens to everything.  Those vibrations become holographic memories, which are then stored with the spirit and passed on to the soul.  I love life and life loves me!!  Every negative and positive experience is only an adventure.  The key is to go in between the between to the core of being.  In between the negative and positive is the spaces of vibrational frequencies.

Music meditation for me is high pitch Mhz of vibrational frequencies so that my whole being can go into the spaces.  I am a 963 Mhz.  The frequencies are so high, most people can’t keep up with my energy.  My last aura picture was violet.  Violet is the spirit realm 8th chakra.  Awareness must be tuned into different frequencies simultaneously in order to be aware of all frequencies.  Takes practice to hone in on natural abilities. Awareness is uses both sides of the brain simultaneously and understanding it’s power of transcending the transparencies of cosmic consciousness.

It’s really super fun drawing and painting fractal animals.  I love drawing and painting, because I know when I do publish that book that it will bring smiles to children’s hearts.  I want them not just to read the book, but to have an adventure.  An adventure that will create memories.  The book will be geared for children that are deaf and blind, etc.  The human species is only one species that is dependent upon the future generation to preserve our species as human beings.  If the generations of today forget how to teach the future generation of tomorrow what love is, then how will they learn?  The book is about fun, but it teaches children how to love their self.  A parent can only teach a child what love is, by how they learned.  We can not teach what we have never learned.

In the 7 laws of money, it says, if it’s a good thing the money will come.  I believe in my heart this book is a good thing.  I want it to brings smiles and love to a child’s heart.

Light and Love