Love is Life, Life is Love!

I tell everyone – everything in life is an experience in an adventure. Life is the adventure!!! got some plants yesterday and transplanted them along with the other one I got months ago. Need much greenery in home, burning incense, and need sanctuary in home. Life is color, sites, sounds, smells, taste, touch in home to be a sanctuary!!!! loving life, it really is beautiful 😉

My wings are like humming birds.  I fly to different social sites and rest my wings for a bit.  I share music, art, and the beautiful things that life gives us.  I share the energy of passion within the hearts of humans.  This is their loves!!!  Love is intense, love is immense, love is grand, love is life!!!!

For every experience is an adventure.  An adventure of fun of learning to love yourself and have a great time doing it.  Learn to love the things you hate and you will receive more of the loves you deserve.

Example – I’m taking out the trash to the garbage can and what do you know, the bag breaks.  It’s all good in the neighborhood!!! Just get another bag and clean it up, no big whoop!!!  That’s life and life is messy.  But, hanging out in the negative gets real old and boring after awhile!!!!  Hanging out in pity parties is a real drag and creates karmic baggage – karmic debt!!! I would rather create karmic credit!!! 🙂

Life teaches us to learn to have fun in everything you do!!!!  I crank up the tunes in the car when I drive to work.  I crank up the tunes when I clean house.  I crank up the tunes when I cook.  Every single thing I do music is playing!!! Lets the heart and spirit sing and dance.  The heart and spirit want to be free to feel love and give love.  The heart and spirit can only give and receive when they are happy and enjoying life.  Humans were born to be happy and loving life.

Many negative things come my way, but do I let that bring me down, no way!!! Way to much fun to have in life.  Just clean it up and move on!!!!  I love being a landscaper.  It is dirty, greasy, messy, but I am proud of what I do.  Because, I beautify where I go!!!!  It is the same thing when I paint.  I bring beauty and majic to the world of things they have never seen.  The things they have only read or dreamed about, I bring them to life.

Imagine for one moment, a person that was born blind.  How would you explain color to them!!!  This is humanity.  For humanity is blind to the colors of life.  This is how I see humanity.  Humanity is blind to the energy of the love that life brings to them.  I practice with the lights off in my house and I walk around.  So that some day if I ever did go blind, would I, could I still see the beauty that life brings to me??

Humanity relies upon their human vision wayyyyyy tooooo much.  They constantly miss the beauty that their spirit is telling them to open up and be aware of.  Humans have free will to choose to listen to their spirit or to ignore their spirit as if it does not exist.  Everyone has that choice.

When you choose to ignore the beauty – you are only choosing to see the beauty that life brings.  It is your choice what vision you choose to see the world.

Light and Love