Fractal Goat

Fractal Goat

Fractal Goal

Today was interesting, because you never know what or whom you might meet.

I have been contemplating how to further my next book.

The book will be a continuation from the first book, The Universe Is Calling You.  I picked up a pencil in May 2014 and started drawing and painting by hand fractal animals.  They are Chinese astrology signs plus Feng Shui animals in fractal form.  I have never had art lessons.  Everything gets better with time.

The book will be set in year 3050, Universe #23, planet #3.  The fractal animals are the characters in the book, Titled 5 N 1. In the mean time I am entering the fractal animals in art contest.  Lost one contest today, but received an honorable mention in another contest today.  The art show will run through till the end of September.

Life is easy if you let it, hard if you make it 😉