Soundcloud and deviantART

The past few months my spirit is having a ball!!!  It is really super cool when you start discovering new sites, sounds, adventures and so many more things than your senses have been exposed to.  I have been hanging out in a little joint called Soundcloud and deviantART.

Soundcloud I’m sure many have heard of before, but I did not start exploring it till just a few months ago.  And, WOW!!! There is so much different types and kinds of music, it’s like candy to my ears 🙂

So I opened a profile and started posting my drawings and painting for each set I have on soundcloud.  I listen to certain types of music, because I am listening for the rhythmic rhythms of vibrational tones in Mhz.  Most people just enjoy listening to the music.  But, I am looking for something specific.

I listen for certain beats and sounds in music.  The specific sounds I am listening for will go into a mix that a co-worker and I will make.  I am in the process of writing a children’s books.  The book will be a pop up of fractal animals I draw and paint. Plus I want music to play when the pages open. The music will be part of the adventure.  The book will be geared towards children of all ages.

I am drawing and painting certain fractal animals for the book that are now on

I am entering art contest in hopes of winning enough money to be able to publish the book.

My profile on soundcloud

I am seriously having a ton of fun!!!  I post many different types of music.  The music puts me into music meditation.  The beats bring out visions which activate my dmt naturally.

I did a Tracey Chapman 24 hours marathon a few weeks ago on soundcloud, just a ton of fun!!!

My spirit guides me through life and my spirit tells me when it is time for a change.  One day I picked up a pencil and my hands just started drawing fractal animals.  I am drawing and painting for a whole 4 months now and am enjoying every moment and new things start emerging in my drawings.  I never drew anything before that.

If you want some different types of music and art check out my soundcloud page and deviantART page.

Life is truly becoming more fun each and everyday.

Light and Love