Thyroid connection

Thyroid connection

In 1998 I had to go to the hospital to drink radioactive iodine.  From that point on my life was never going to be the same.  Both of my thyroids were swallow out 3 inches from my neck.  I would have never noticed.  I had to go for a routine full physical exam in the military.  The military doctor told me I need to go to my regular doctor because I had hyperthyroidism.

Of course I made an appointment and he wanted to remove my thyroid.  I said no for 1 1/2 years. I thought there could be another way.  Because it was my body part, I was born with it, and I wanted to keep it.  They told me even in my sleep my heart was beating triple time. And, soon I would have a heart attack.  I didn’t know much about the thyroid at the time.  I like most people trusted what the doctor told me and felt I had no other choice.

I finally had the surgery.  For 14 years I took different doses of synthyroid, levothyroxine, and many other types of thyroid medication.  But nothing seemed to work.  I always felt like crap. I finally took it upon myself, since nothing was working, to do my own research.  Within that research I find that many doctors don’t know about natural thyroid medication.  Which then I began to wonder what else do they not know, when it comes to natural things that may actually help a person instead of hurting them.

The thyroid produces a hormone that controls eating, sleeping, going to the bathroom, moods, and many other things that humans take for granted.  They say you don’t really know what you have until you lose it.  For many years I was very mad at that doctor for his ignorance of not knowing how to actually help his patients simply, because he had no patients in his own demeanor.  Only if he would have taken the time to actually help people, he would then have been a better doctor.

Doctors are only taught through education, which means they only follow what a medical book says.  When they do that they live the human part of the equation out, which means they forget what it means to be human.  Business has no heart, only humans have heart.

I started doing my own research into natural drugs.  Which are plants, herbs, and learning what it really means to be vegan.  If I eat what society eats, I physically get sick, simply because my body rejects toxins.  Same goes for negative energy.  If I am around negative people, my body simply starts getting sick.  The thyroid is connected to the sex glands, the pituitary, and pineal gland, they all secrete hormones. Those hormones are what makes you feel good or feel like crap.

In 2011 I started doing my own research, while I was in college.  At that time I finally found out about Armour thyroid medication.  It is a natural thyroid medication and yes you need a prescription for it.  The doctor I have now for 10 years I asked him for a prescription.  He said he had never heard of it.  So he did his research and then he gave me a prescription.  This really makes me wonder what doctors really don’t know when it comes to healing.  In my research once again everything I research doctors separate human (humanity) out of the equation when it comes to healing.

In 2011 after I did much research and getting my PhD. I learned much more than most people actually want to know.  I learned that in order to help myself I must learn to forgive myself.  When we hurt our own self, we are then hurting humanity.  We must learn to take the time to learn about taking care of our own self.  When we learn to take care of our own self is when we can learn to help others.  It is only through experience and research is how we learn.  Life is a life time of learning.  Through these experiences we can learn how to love self, which in turn we can then learn to love others.  When we see with the heart of how to forgive self, we in turn can begin to forgive others.

Basically losing my thyroid was a wakeup call.  To learned to pay attention to me.  Through this I then began to pay attention to humanity.  I notice that people constantly hurt their own selves.  Through this vision it really makes no sense to me why people constantly hurt their own selves.  But then I think back and think they no not what they do.  I was part of the problem and not the solution.  Ignorance is very detrimental to self and others.  I learned to be more mindful and no one ever taught me that.

The whole point is learning to be more mindful of self, and then you will begin to be more mindful towards others. When you learn to love all aspects of self, that is the negative and the positive parts of self, you in turn will love all of self.  When you love all of self you will then learn to love all.  All is the universal aspects of people, places, and things.

Everything starts with the heart which is the beginnings of the spirit, which is in the realms that humans know, but cannot see.  It has nothing to do with religion.  Religion is only a man-made concept of control.  Religion is big business that is tax free donations.  Business has no heart only humans have heart.

Start small baby step.  Pay attention to what you eat, hear, smell, taste, touch.  How does it make you feel??  Keep a journal or a mental note and keep a record of how does it make you feel.  Take time to learn about yourself.  If you don’t take the time you will receive a wakeup call of any assortments of aliments.

Light and Love