Spaces Between the Rainbows

1 of 12 Chinese Astrological signs

1 of 12 Chinese Astrological signs

Can you find a moment in space between the spaces of rainbows that penetrate space?

Between each line of a rainbow is space, in that space is another color of the rainbow.  Same as between each emotion is another emotion waiting to bring forth another emotion.  It is the underneath is the space.

That space is a moment in time/space and mass/matter.  It is the same as the in and out of breath when deep breathing.  That space is where all the colors of life begin.  Colors are emotions.  Each color has a rhythmic vibrational beat, same as on musical notes on a musical scale.  That musical scale is called harmonics, same as MHz.  MHz is megahertz of how fast and how slow something is going.

Anything in the man-made concept of speed creates a color because of vibrational tones.  Each tone has a color and a number.  This is how humans can justify what they see in order to regulate in human concepts of vibrational tones.  They must put into a category of understanding, in order to comprehend vibrational tones.

Vibrational tones expand beyond human comprehension and are much louder than a dog whistle that humans cannot hear but can only feel.  A dog whistle is a much louder pitch then human ears can hear, or see, or feel, or touch or taste.  So if you can’t understand human emotions of others it simply means you cannot understand your own.  Until you truly know you, you will never understand you, which means you can never really understand anyone else.

Space exploration starts from inside self, before exploration of the galaxies, moons, stars, planets or anything outside of self.  Close your eyes and what do you see when you look at a tree, a flower, a dog, your house, your neighborhood, your clothes, and yourself?  Remember what you cannot see can hurt you more than what you can see.  This is the land of fear.  To explore self in depths is an awakening.  To awaken self (open up)to higher sense of self, through understanding self; means going in between the between to core of being.  To understand self can be fun!!!

I basically live on soundcloud, when time permits.  It is a world of untapped music of people trying to make it in the music business.  If I am happy I listen to happy music.  If I am sad I listen to romantic music with upbeat tempo.  I listen to music while painting, cooking, cleaning house, working, music from all corners of the globe.  Expansion of musical flavors creates inspiration, changes moods which changes emotion. For example: when you argue with someone just walk over and put on some music, watch the mood change.  When arguing with someone simply means you cannot control the situation, control is from the ego and ego is the 2 year old mentality.

Exploration is an adventure.  Each adventure contains the colors of life.  Colors are the emotions inside of self that penetrate outside of self.  And, this is how people view their world.  It is the perception of perceiving truth of one’s own truth.  Letting go of a situation of the past that you could not control is how you free yourself of past emotions.   Find your music in your heart by releasing past emotional attachments.  Then you are free to be who you were meant to be.

Color is the fabric of life.   Someone once told me when you are sad cry and cry some more, till you can’t cry anymore than cry some more.  It starts the healing.  We can’t change the world we can only change our own self.  Michael Jackson’s song “The Man in the Mirror” is where it all starts.  Look at yourself in the mirror, then close your eyes what do you see?  When I look at you I see love.  When I close my eyes and I look at you I see love.  My mother told me when I was young, “we always love someone, but not what they do”.  Actions speak louder than words.  But the core of that person is just love and will always be love.

When you find the love that you are, you can change your color, you can change your rhythmic beat of vibrational tones that was only meant for you.  Find your music in your heart.  Then sing it!!! Let it out!!!  We all got to start somewhere.