Gentle Waves

To know the gentle waves of passing time is through feeling the simple pleasures of gentleness.  Don’t go in for the kill or straight for the gold.

Simple pleasures are the gentle breezes of melodies that dance upon the heart like twinkling stars of gentle orbs.  Moments of peace are like paint flowing with the velocity of energy that stimulates in melodies of music.  Gentle breezes in poetry are like melodies in symphonies.  Does that gentle breeze call to you?

When I am left alone the gentle breezes of thoughts flow in majic of inspiration, like time slips by into another world.  Inspiration from life brings the simple pleasure to light.  I feel my heart grow with melodies in music.  The piano speaks to me as if I could touch it with my mind.  My fingers flow as I bring melodies to life.  Feeling the cords is like touching light with finger tips in midair.

Melodies are the music in mysteries.  Women are the mysteries that creates men longing to understand.  Women are like a muse that men can only dream of but never truly touch.  Women are strong in a gentle wave of energy as light is to a tree, that brings life forth through penetration into fascination.

When a woman is fascinated her heart lights up, her heart begins to sing a melody that is all her own.  She brings gentle breezes of air through a man’s heart.  His heart desires to touch the air she breaths but yet it is air, it slips right though his fingers.  He then asks himself what was that gentle breeze that I just felt.

It was her touching his heart with a gentle kiss.  It lights his day like a melody in a symphony that only two hearts can know.

Love and Light