Typical Saturday

It’s a typical Saturday morning.  But yet it is different because, there is no such thing as yesterday nor tomorrow.  It’s a day of personal growth everyday, which makes everyday a blessing. The more I learn about me, the more I can help others, which in turn helps humanity.

To understand humanity is to understand the energy in self, everything that is, and will always be energy.  Self is energy in others, and the world around self.  When the puzzle pieces of life are just that puzzle pieces, you have to learn to ask the right questions, in order to open the right doors called answers. Those answers are cosmic consciousness which is higher self.

Every human being contains 4 bodies of being – the mental body, the physical body, the emotional body, and the spiritual body.  The 4 bodies of being are what make the being a human being.  It is through the emotional body we are in, in the moment,in the emotion, in 3d 3rd dimension in physical plane of existence.  It is the emotional attachment to an experience that we choose, what emotion to have with that experience.

The physical plane – earth, is the physical human 5 senses, this is 3d 3rd dimension. To understand the 4th dimension is the astro plane of existence. Is first learning how to understand higher states of consciousness in cosmic consciousness.

Humans have 2 visions. 1st human vision with human eyes.  2nd vision is 3rd eye chakra.  When you look at a tree, what do you see? Now close your eyes and look at that tree, what do you see?  When you can see the atoms, the protons, the neurons, and everything that makes that tree life, you then see energy.  It is at that point you begin to not just seeing energy, but you know what energy is.

I have studied human behavior patterns for 30 years.  This is through theories, hypothesis, experimentation, and experiencing all that life has to offer.  Through the study of knowledge which is beyond human comprehension of man-made concepts, it is easy to understand life and the energy it contains.

I do this because I love learning.  It comes naturally through the love of life and life its self, for the many opportunities that life has to offer. When anything in life happens whether good or bad, we must question, what opportunity am I to learn from this experience in personal growth?  This is how a person, a being learns to grow in personal growth everyday.

To become a better person today, then you were the day before.  The day before does not count only today counts in personal growth.

Open your mind and you will expand your world.  It is through, the perception of, perceiving one’s own truth, is ones path of destiny.  The path of destiny is personal growth, through questioning in self-awareness.