Gang Mower

mower trailer


Many co-workers, friends, and associates ask me to post some landscaping information on my site.  So here goes.  My trade is a gang mower.  It has 11 blades 4-wheel drive.  When the mower cuts it cuts in 4-wheel drive and when traveling is 2-wheel drive.

You must have a CDL (commercial driver’s license), tanker endorsement, plus certified by the state of AZ for a pesticide license.  We spray for weeds.  A weed is technically anything that is unwanted.

My rig consists of small dump truck with 10 cylinders that pulls the trailer that weights 18,000 lbs, and the Jacobsen turbo gang mower.

I love my job!!!  It really is a lot of fun.  I mow 20 schools a week – high schools, jr. highs, and elementaries.  I am the first female gang mower ever in the history of the district.  The district is the 4th largest school district in AZ.

When off mow season I do landscaping, basically all 2 stroke and 4 stroke machines.  I know all aspects of landscaping since I have been doing it for 20 years.  A 2 stroke engine is any machine that has motor oil and fuel mixed in a can.  A 4 stroke engine is where the fuel tank and the motor oil have separate compartment.  I have laid out more than I can count baseball, softball, football, soccer, etc fields.  I have laid out irrigation, changed the heads (pop-ups, rain bird, hunter, etc) by the cases.  Depending upon the field or patio size to lay out irrigation you can use a walk behind or bring out the ditch witch, etc. to dig trenches, no biggy.  When laying out irrigation don’t forget your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

My hedge trimmer is very short and is a 2-stroke engine.  I want my hedges to look like a thumb print.  In winter the hedges grow slow, but in the summer they grow fast.  In order to keep up in 105 – 120 degree weather you have to cut them short.  Never ever trim anything that grows more than 1/3 at a time, you will stress it out and kill it.

The pole saw is wonderful and is a 2-stroke engine.  I snatch it and it is my friend.  When trimming trees you skirt it (raise from the bottom up) and never top (cut the top off) or you will stress it and kill it.  When trimming a tree they can get top heavy.  When top heavy many branches will break and gives you a lot of clean up.  Who needs more work?  So you have to thin it out.  Look at the branches.  If growing down, cut it.  No two branches should cross each other, because when they grow the top one will become heavy on the bottom one and it will snap and break.  Then you got a chance disease or bugs, etc to set up house in your tree.

I have two blowers.  Hand held and back pack blower.  Both are 2-stroke engines.  I prefer Echo for most products in landscaping.

Spraying any chemical you must always have PPE.  I have also worked 4 home depots in the garden department in 3 different states.  Make sure you have disposable gloves, dust mask, hat, and boots.  Keep in mind when spraying any chemical they are synthetic, which means man-made unless you get organic sprays.  Keep in mind when applying you must apply 3 application and 3 waters in order for the chemical to activate.  You spray chemical, a few days later water it in – water only.  7 to 10 days after first application you must reapply application; a few days later water it in – water only.  7 to 10 days after second application you must reapply application; a few days later water it in – water only.  It’s the rule of 3 in landscaping, 3 applications and 3 waters.  Always read the directions, because too little or too much is not good.  Too little will barely work if at all, too much the ground and weeds will become immune to the chemical you are spraying.  Same as when your body becomes immune to certain medicines when you have taken too much.

Always keep in mind preventive maintenance when it comes to landscaping and your own health.

Taking care of both and they will take care of you.  It is the same scope of preventive maintenance for your own health to have holistic nutrition.  Holistic nutrition is the nutrition you put into your mind/body/emotion that can prevent future illnesses.

I worked in the accounting capacity for 13 years and I was bored out of my mind.  I just wanted to go play in the sunshine!!!  Its way more fun to hang out with mother-nature!!!

The freedom of gang mowing to me is like a fish to water.  I want to clock @ least 30 mph!!! Anytime there are kids of course safety first.  I see thousands of children a day and always safety first, but when no kids around I only wish to clock 30 mph.  On my list to do is to be the first female gang mower racer nationwide!!!