Environmental Essence

The essence in the environment brings self into one love.
When you look at a tree with your eyes, what do you see?
Now look at the tree with your eyes closed, what do you see?
Humans have two visions.
1. Human eye vision
2. Third eye chakra vision
Perception of perceiving one’s own truth is , the perception of perceiving fate or destiny.
It is a matter of choice in perception.
You can choose to see perception with eyes open and see man-made concepts of fate.
Or you can choose to see perception with eyes closed and see destiny.
Fate is following someone’s truth in their path of destiny. Which will create toxic waste within self, through thoughts that are toxic to one’s own being. Which creates a sickness because, un-truth is higher selves way of saying be good to yourself and follow your own path of destiny.
Destiny is following your own truth in your own path of destiny, which will create pure unconditional love in loving self. Toxins will pass right through your four bodies of being as gently as the air that touches you and slides right out. Your four hearts in your four bodies of being will say thank you for loving me.
The higher consciousness lives beyond human man-made concepts, which only knows pure love. It is the ego of the primordial body that lives in the fantasy world of black – white, heaven – hell, good – bad, etc.
The choice is yours and only yours in which you choose in your path in 3D 3rd dimension.
Life is easy if you let it and hard if you make it.