Traessence the frog
Traessence the frog

Traessence the frog
Traessence = Trance in meditation + essence is energy
Traessence was born on April 26, 2014. Traessence is one of four fractal animals that will be on adventure with Abe in my next book.
The holographical umbilical cord is found through transcending the transparencies of cosmic consciousness. When you go in between the between to the core of being is where you begin the creative creations. Those creations are your passions.
I choose my passion with love. I love the world and the world loves me.
I love bringing life from the abstract of creations into 3D 3rd dimension.
Passion lives within the sphere of your love. Passion ignites energy. Energy is the essence of pure love. Passion is your loves. Your spirit is the heart of your passion.

Love is Life, Life is Love