March Essence

When we first meet I could see the bright light you were meant to be. Your energy was the brightest star that shined on planet earth. You were uplifting and refreshing of all the energies I have ever known in this life time.

I was engulfed in your swirls of light that were like star burst of every color. The energy of your vibrational light shinned so bright I was lost in a magical mystery wonderland. My heart was smiling and singing and you helped me find a new tune of vibrational frequency.

Your energy lead me on a different path of consciousness that shined a new perception of perceiving truth. That energy was love I have never known before. Our energy lived as one, in one frequency, in one heart, one love.

Then I began to notice the changes in your energy. Your energy was leading you in a different path then one love, as we had known it to be. Had we come into each others lives to grow where we were both meant to go in life? As our energies began on a slow course of separation of two hearts instead of one. Your vibrational frequency was diminishing into another direction and our energy was flowing in two directions. My heart saw you separating into another obis.

My heart watched you floating away. As you became an entity that became smaller and smaller my heart began to call out to you. You slowly looked back and smiles embraced your aura. Your whole being began to light up. I could see it pulsating with light. The brightest light that I have had engulf my energy. I have fallen in love to the depths of oceans tide. Your energy of essence brings you closer to me.

As you float like air towards me, we begin to embrace the magical mystery wonderland of 2 separate vibrational frequencies into 1 sensual, sensational, tranquil rhythmic beat of 1 heart, 1 mind, 1 love.