Sanctuary = State of Mind

Life is in the abstract
Sanctuary = Spherical Sensual Sensations

It’s 3:30 am – Let’s get this party started!!!
The alarm goes off @ 3:30 am. Had to change my time for waking up, because my job time changes when the season changes. The alarm is set to music, dance music – Pulse 107.
Stretch before getting out of bed. Hear the music pumping in the back ground. The energy is flowing, beats are popping, and you get up and start dancing. To get the blood flowing.

Then start the day off with homemade fruit juice –
Blend 4 apples, 6 bananas, 1 honey dew melon, 1 cantaloupe, 1 box of strawberries, ½ bag of grapes, 4 grapefruits, 6 oranges, and 6 tomatoes. Fill the blender ½ full with chopped fruits and ½ water. Blend and keep pulp. If you want thinner add more water. Makes 2 + gallons of juice.
Drink one 8 ounce cup of fruit juice and 1 cup of 100% unsweetened grape juice with supplements.
Supplements – Vitamin D3 1000 I.U., Paba 1000 mg, Vitamin C 4500mg, Super B-Complex 1 tablet, Calcium 1800 mg, Vitamin E 2000 I.U., Multi Vitamin/Multimineral Supplement Women 50+, and 2 Glucosamine Chondroitin soft chew.

I was on Synthroid as a thyroid replacement medication for 14 years. But it is synthetic. The thyroid controls going to the restroom, eating, sleeping, and moods. The thyroid is the 5th chakra, auric color blue, 16 vortices, bronchial and vocal apparatus, lungs, alimentary canal. The heart chakra is the bridge between the lower self and the higher self. The higher self is the path to the divine. Did my own research for a natural thyroid replacement medication and now I take Armour 90 mg. I have been taking Armour for 15 months now and I feel like I am in my 20’s again. I feel like Synthroid stole 14 years of my life from me and now I have it back 😉 my energy is booming. It is long over due 🙂

Hit the gym 4:30 am 4 days a week. Do 600 crunches with 40 pounds weights. Plus leg workout 2 days a week and upper body workouts 2 days a week. Jog bleachers 2 times a week 24 to 26 laps. Total 6 days of work out. After the gym, work 40 hours a week landscaping and busy season work 16 – 29 hours a week with second job.

Vegan body building must eat 8 times a day. First meal – 1 cup of fruit juice and 1 cup of grape juice.
After the gym 1 protein bar, 2 hours later 2.5 ounces of mixed nuts mixed with shaved coconut, 2 hours later 2 vegan wontons, 2 hours later vegan lumpia or vegan wrap, 2 hours later 2.5 ounces of mixed nuts with shaved coconut, 2 hours later 1 protein bar, 2 hours later dinner. 2 hours later if you so choose 1 cup of yogurt and 2 rice cakes with natural peanut butter. Sometime during the day the second 8 ounce glass of 100% unsweetened grape juice.
After first job and starting second job second protein bar. Only 13 hour work days for me 🙂
Vegan fill for wontons or lumpia or spinach wraps. This is just one receipt of many.
Firm or extra Firm tofu sautéed with peanut oil, peanut sauce, and coconut oil, add turmeric, cumin, coriander, lemon peel, ginger, seaweed, 1/8 cup of sesame seeds mixed with chi seeds, 1 heaping teaspoon of chopped garlic, ¼ cup of wheat germ and golden flax seed mix, 1/8 cup of apple cider vinegar, and ½ cup of water. Add 15 – 20 bean soup to mix. Sauté 15 – 20 minutes, then fill wonton wrappers with heaping teaspoon mixture, wrap like an envelope, and seal the tip with water. Lumpia fill wrap with 1 tablespoon of mix. Lumpia are Pilipino – long and skinny wraps and egg rolls are Chinese – short and fat wraps.
Grease with coconut oil on foiled baking sheet. Bake at 375 for 25 to 30 minutes. Let cool. Wrap 2 wontons at a time in foil then put in freezer. Make enough for 3 weeks of lunches, same for lumpia.

Fill spinach wrap with cooked mix and 6 small fully cooked and cubed potatoes, mix together. Wrap in foil and put in freezer. Make enough lunches for 3 weeks. Break up cooking day into 2 or 3 days. Prep mix and cook it and put in refrigerator. Next day wrap it and freeze it.

Nut mixture comes with raisins, cran-raisins, sun flower seeds, almonds, and cashews. The mixture comes in bulk at Sprouts. I also add walnuts to the mix – calcium for bones. 4 pounds of nut mix and 2 pounds of walnuts mix together.

When you work hard and play hard you have to relax hard. Relaxing hard is relaxing deep. Releasing human wants and desires just for an hour 1 x a week. Everyone has their own favorites on how they want to relax. To relax is to clean out the mind. We must cleanse the body and we must cleanse the mind. The body only follows what the mind tells it to.

For me it is a mini spa for me. Doing it home style is just that – activating the 5 senses for a deep relaxation. While giving your-self self-care is self-love, which creates karmic credit. Taking the time for you is what you deserve. While giving your-self a mini spa 1 very important activation to bring serenity is through music. I listen to a variety of music on soundcloud. Meditation music or ambient relaxes the mind. Visualizing while giving your-self a mini spa
1. Steam face with hot water that contains your herb. Drape towel over head so that it covers the pot. Steaming your face opens pores & your skin receives aromatherapy – Steam for 15 minutes.
2. Pat dry then wash face with Clean & Clear essentials foaming facial cleanser using the Pro X scrubber by Olay.
3. Apply a mud pack or facial peel. Let sit at least 15 minutes while soaking in the tub.
Bath – 1 small mesh ball filled with the herb for your own zodiac sign.
Fill bath with Epson salt, sea salt, 3 small scoops of coconut milk, baby oil and soak for 30 minutes. Hang the mesh ball on the spout so when the water runs in the bath it will release the aromas.

Herbs –
Aries – Crow’s foot (geranium) Taurus – Elderflower
Gemini – Lavender Cancer – White Rose
Leo – Chamomile Virgo – Lily of the valley
Libra – Mint Scorpio – Red Ginseng
Sagittarius – Myrrh Capricorn – Hemlock
Aquarius – Pine Pisces – daisy

Everything I post is made with love. I appreciate in each and every way all the energies in the love wave. The love wave is in the in and of infinity. In infinity is in the moment in the emotion in being human 3d third dimension the physical plane and the land of the archetype of negative side of self. Each zodic sign is brought to earth to learn the lessons of love in higher consciousness. Each zodiac sign is born with soul blockages which are karmic debt.

Of infinity is above infinity which is consciousness of higher self, which is 4d fourth dimension and beyond. Learn to love your hates in order to receive more of the loves you want. Change your rhythmic vibrational frequency and your energy will change your world and you will collect karmic credit.
Karmic credit is when you love yourself the world will love you in this life time and future life times.

You have the power to change anything you want in life. If you believe you are your disease then you will become your disease. Doctors have told me that since I have no more thyroid I now have menopause, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, osteopenia, and hypothyroidism. Perception is perceiving one’s own truth. I know for a fact I do not have time to listen to what others perceive that I am or may be. That is merely their opinion. I have way too much to do in life.

Disease is only a dis-ease of the mind/body/emotion. Simply through finding your archetype (negative side of self) and letting it come out to play. You are the one in control and you are the parent that gives direction to where that rhythmic vibrational frequency goes.

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Life is Love, Love is Life