Vegan Energy

Every day holds possibilities for changes in all realms of life.

I am Vegan. Have been for many years. Below is a sample of foods. Vegan comes from Vedic which is Hindu. Vegan is a lifestyle, not just the food you eat. Lifestyles stimulate from thoughts. Thoughts produce energy. Which produces action. Actions speak louder than words. Food is only a small portion that coincides with nutrition. Holistic nutrition is the nutrition that self (a person) puts into the mind/body/emotion.

It is more than what you consume in nutrition. It is how you consume nutrition. It is being mindful that something has given its life for you in order for you to consume it. To fill yourself with food is simply to fill the vehicle, the vessel we call a human body. Is what all humans are programmed from the beginning of life on earth, 3D third dimension to believe.

To live on the surface level of life is to be superficial. To be superficial is to live without depths. The depth of self brings self into a high consciousness.

Keep in mind that you are one energy. The person that wraps the food that you buy at the store is one energy. The person that kills the food that you eat is another energy. That animal that gave its life – the emotional state it was in when it died, that is another energy. Also, if someone else prepares your food for you, that is another energy. Combined all those energies and put them on the plate that you are about to eat, called food. That food contains more energy which you can not see with the human eye. However, your higher senses within your higher consciousness is aware of all that energy. The human is the only one that is unaware of all that energy.

The soul is the teacher to the spirit that is the student. The spirit is the teacher to the human that is the student. Your spirit speaks to you constantly, it is only if you pay attention will you know, before you eat anything, if is what you were meant to eat for substance or for ego. The choice is yours and yours alone. You are the only one that can decide with what you fill your vessel with. The body is sacred, be good to it and it will be good to you.

In 4 1/2 months I lost 41 lbs by being vegan and cleansing. Then basic workouts at home. While jogging laps on the bleacher. Last one was 26 laps. It is being persist, determination, and to be a better person then I was the day before.



It is basic common sense you must eat right and workout, they go hand in hand. One without the other will only give you 1/2 of what you want.

I shop where it is convenient and economical for me. I shop the local farmers market, cause they have great bargains. Also, the 99 cent stores have fresh produce that comes in every week. Sprouts has the nut mix I like contains – almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, raisins, cran-raisins, and cashews mixed in the bin, plus I get the walnuts separate. Mix the all the nuts together. I eat 5 ounces of nuts everyday. All the veggies I buy in bulk and use the food processor to chop it up then put in freezer bags and pop it in the freezer. Shop 1 time a month only because there is way too many other things to do in life than live at the store.

Vegan is a lifestyle just like any other lifestyle and you have to learn how to have fun doing it. I make my own vegan won-tons and vegan lumpia simply because I like finger foods. I’m always on the go with 2 jobs, working out, and constantly researching for my 3rd book. I am constantly making new receipts so that I can have fun with my food. I use coconut oil when I cook or bake.

When first starting any nutritional plan the tools you will need. Food scale, food processor, small chopper, and a blender. I have a Mr. juicer, but I like easy clean up, so I just use my blender.

Keeping a journal is very important of what you eat. For the first month or two just write everything down. It’s kind of like money is like water unless you balance your check book. Same concept when it comes to food. You will never really realize how much food you consume unless you make a list.

I’m not really into at this point in time worried about calories and such, because I have been researching & building my own nutritional plan for 30 years. When the time is write I will have all that information in my next book. For now I’m training to be a vegan body builder belly dancer. I did aerobics for years. But after awhile when you don’t change it up the routine it gets boring. I find that belly dancing is a fun exercise. Since I am a landscaper (gang mower – 11 blades and 4 wheel drive) is a lot of physical labor working with heavy equipment and enjoy my job very much. It is free exercise. Actually I love my job. Learn to love your hates and you will receive more of the loves you want. It is the freedom is loving what you do will bring you much joy in life.

The whole point of being a Metaphysican is for my 3rd career when I retire and working on cruise ships. Having Metaphysical workshops world wide. Back to the point 🙂

Vegan is no animal by products what so ever. When I cook beans, I cook about 15 to 20 different types of beans in one pot. Add 1/4 cup mix of wheatgerm and golden flax seed. Add 1/8 cup of apple cider vinegar. Add sesame and chi seeds.

I’m still trying to figure out how to post the list of vegan foods. When time permits I will.

Everyday is an adventure and loving life is an experience in order to create love. I love being single. I have learned to love all the experiences that have crossed my path whether good or bad, because it simply is an experience to grow from. Well I signed up for the gym today. Time to start toning and building up.

After losing 41 pounds

After losing 41 pounds

Now size 5 jeans. Looking forward to being a size 4.

Waking up everyday at 4 am to the radio station 107 the pulse. They play electronic and house mix. I sleep with ear plugs, because I am a light sleeper. But when that music goes off it just puts me in the mood to start working out and dancing. I turn on the lights and grab my yoga mat and just start working out to the beat. Before you know it an hour has just slipped by, life is good. I work out 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours before work. Put in an 8 hour a day job then go home work out another hour, hit the shower & eat then cook, write, read and research till bed. I got rid of 95% of material possessions about 5 years ago and yep that includes the tv. There is way too much life to live then sitting in front of a box. When I am 90 years old I will say I did this and that instead of saying I wished I would have done this or that.

Life is Love, Love is Life 😉