Energy of Music

Transcending the transparencies of cosmic consciousness is a realm of bringing the 8th chakra/spirit realm into 3d third dimension.
Transcending = going into
Transparencies = veils over sight (eyes)
Cosmic = astro realm/spirit realm
Consciousness = 3 levels of self, lower & middle & upper
3 levels of self = mental, physical, emotional.
1 – mental, 1 – physical, 1 – emotional = 3
1 = self
3 + 1 = 4. 4 quadrants in self.
4 quadrants in understanding self – Seek, Find, Conquer, Move On
Seek what you don’t understand. Find what you don’t understand. Conquer what you don’t understand, but now understand. Move On from what you did not understand, but now you do understand, and release the energy of understanding. Because now you are in the knowing.
Understanding = human understanding of man-made concepts through intellect; Learned behavioral patterns to control through fear, in 3d third dimension.
Knowing is knowledge, one is born with from the spirit realm of 4d fourth dimension. Soul and spirit knowledge.
The spirit realm = 4d fourth dimension and beyond human comprehension of the human 5 senses.
The physical realm = 3d third dimension in human understanding in the human 5 senses.
The soul is the teacher to the spirit that is the student. The spirit is the teacher to the human that is the student.
Some say earth is heaven and some say earth is hell. Depending upon ones perception of perceiving one’s truth will open their 5 senses as to what lessons they will receive. For me earth is fun. Simply because finding the joys that make my heart smile in everything.
In = in the moment, in the emotion Of = of the moment, of the emotion
In = 3d third dimension / 3d = time/space & mass/matter of quantum physics. Physics is physical realm in 3d.
Of = 4d fourth dimension / 4d = energy outside of 3d, which is the outside of infinity. Infinity is the astro realm of 4d.
Center point of infinity is self (you).
For me life is fun. I bring the energy in my spherical realm to create a new energy. One way of doing that is through music. Music stimulates a vibrational frequency within the temporal lobes of the brain, through creativity. That vibration has a ripple effect, same as skipping stones on water. That vibration has different frequencies. Frequencies are the same as radio air waves. So when you receive different types of vibrational frequencies of tones and you don’t like the tones you just change the channel. The channel is called life.
Life is so much fun, when you find the fun in every opportunity that comes into you world. Changing problems into challenges is and will always be an opportunity of personal growth. Change your mind set then you change from problems to challenges. Welcome challenges to accomplish task and goals in life as it your best friend that you have not seen in a long time.
The mind set that most have in life is when you grow up put away your childish things. Well that is a bunch of harky malarky!!!
For many years one of the things I stopped, because society says it is for the best, when you get older, was the type of music a person should listen to. As we all know dancing goes hand in hand with music. There are certain types of dancing, that some would call in-appropriate, once again IN – in the moment in the emotion. It is simply their perception of what they perceive in their belief system. Which means they are judging others, however, technically they are only judging their own self. Because they are only stifling their own inner child and keeping it under control. But, that child inside will still come out, but in a different avenue of energy.
That energy will turn from happy to sad. As that energy builds it turns into anger. Simply because that child within must have freedom to play. And, as we all know what teenagers are like. That child within will build into a teenager. That teenager will rebel. That energy (teenager) will come out in the adult. That adult will basically throw a temper tantrum when they do not get their own way.
Basically, it looks like we have a bunch of teenagers running around in adult form, simply because they won’t let their own inner child come out to play. The most interesting part is people that call themselves adults are teaching the same exact personality traits to future generations. Then adults wonder why their own children are rebelling, makes you wonder who the adults are.
Energy is neither black/white, heaven/hell, good/bad, positive/negative, when energy comes from the astro plane. Energy is the zero point of the center of infinity. When you go in between the between to the core of being, that is the center point of infinity, the center point is called zero. There is the energy within. That energy is activated by the vibrational frequencies of vibrational rhythms. That energy is called DMT. DMT is a chemical compound in the human brain that is activated naturally and produces a natural high, that humans produce naturally. Music is a vibrational frequency of beats and those beats activate the DMT chemical compounds within the mind. Chemical compounds in the brain are activated through thoughts.
A thought turns into an emotion, emotional attachments turn into aliments, ailment is a sickness which is a dis-ease (disease) in mind or body or emotion or all 3.
As with all energy I smile and I know what energy has presented its self to me. It is an opportunity to see with the 3rd eye chakra the energy that a person, place or thing is holding onto. That is simply left over karmic debt (baggage) that they carry around like a security blanket. Same as a child carries around with them for security. They are afraid to let the music into their hearts and let the inner child come out to play.
I listen to music from the 50’s through today’s type of beats. And you better believe when music is bumping I’m dancing. I dance in my home, in my work truck (red lights are a great place to bust a move) hahaha. Pretty much anywhere a beat is bumping my feet are popping 🙂
When I’m at work, I listen to my walk man & yep I dance outside in the sunshine. Landscaping is free exercise 🙂 When I was younger than age 6 years old my mother took me to the beach. I heard music and I started dancing. When the music stopped I stopped dancing. A stranger walked over and handed me a camera and told me that was my prize for dancing :-). There was no contest. I don’t remember but my mother does. Dancing is natural when combined in the form of organic energy in music.
Releasing attachments of 3d third dimension can be through one avenue called music. I hang out in a little joint called sound cloud. Many up and coming new artist that bump beats. The music is exhilarating; your heart smiles because it is happy you are dancing, which is good exercise (cardio). Your heart is saying thank you for having a good time and thinking about me. Keeping your heart happy will help with a long healthy life.
In 3d third dimension contains an energy called happiness. Dancing is a form of expression (doing), it is a naturally helps to produce more DMT. The more you do it the more natural high you will have. Same as when you exercise. As time goes on you crave it more and more.
When I find that energy has changed outside of self, just change the channel of life and crank up the tunes and bump the beats till your energy matches centeredness of simplicity.
Life is Love, Love is Life 😉