Essential Amino Acid

Glutamine is an essential amino acid that the human body does not make. 4 more essential amino acids is Lysine is necessary for the human body, but the body does not make it naturally.

It is a building block of protein. It helps with osteoporosis, treat symptoms of bell’s palsy, plus many other health effects.

I have a container with wheat germ (for bones) and golden flax-seed (for fiber) mixed together. When I cook or make juice or granola bars, pretty much anything I eat I add the mix. I add 1/4 cup of mix to what I am cooking or juicing. I have added this to what I eat for about 4 years now.

For now my bone scans are showing less osteopenia than before and is moving at a slower pace of holes forming in my bones, than before I started taking the mix.

When you take a synthetic thyroid replacement medication it helps to promote osteoporosis. Basically your bones will deteriorate at a very fast rate when you take anything man-made that is not natural. Basically, when one part of your body is competing for attention other parts of your body are being neglected. Your body will only put up with it for so long. Then your body says I have had enough and the body part that is being neglected will change your life style.

That is why it is important to understand that is the little things in life that make the big picture. This is the micro and macro holographical organisms of vibrational energy that pulsates at a constant flow of energy. Each organism plays an important role in everything in 3D third dimension. It is only when we pay attention, we become aware, to be aware, is awareness, which is enlightenment. Enlightenment is simply to be in a higher state of awareness of self. Higher awareness of self is the spirit realm of the 8th chakra, which is in the spirit realm in the first stage of the macro, in the astro plane.

When you go in between the between (funnel which are tentacles) to the core of being, is where the root of being is. In that space is the beginning of understanding. When you reach that point in time/space & mass/matter is where you find the root cause, which is universal law of cause and effect. That is the point of understanding where the love is at loss. That is the point of how to remember to love yourself. To love yourself is simply understanding there are certain things in life that a person needs. Those needs are in the first 7 chakras. I have met at least 100,000 people in this life time. I find that it only really takes about 30 seconds to know without them speaking, as to which chakra is blocked. As we talk it is confirmation that the energy I am receiving from them, is their spirit talking to my spirit to tell me, to tell them what they need to know. Because, they have blocked out their own spirit guide, and by not listening to their own spirit guild they receive dis-ease of either the mind, body, or emotion. That dis-ease creates a disease in 1 or all the 3 bodies of being.

If you were born with gifts and you choose to ignore those gifts it will become a pay back. It is the boom-a-rang effect. I ignored my gifts that I was born with and by receiving a disease of the thyroid was a wake up call. That wake up call was to remind me to change my life style. Changing that life style taught me, that the more I learn about me, the more I can help others, which in turn helps humanity.

The pursuit of understanding nutrition is in the medical man-made concepts of nutrition, plus old school of esoteric nutrition, gives a great combo of understanding. Which leads in one of many directions of understanding energy.

As most would understand, what you can not see will hurt you more than the things you can see, and we know this as negative energy. If first thought is negative then the person is living in negative. To live in positive is starting with understanding that change is constant and to welcome change as if it is your friend. To teach the love lessons of life.

A disease really is a blessing in disguise. It teaches through tough love from your spirit guide to you to wake up and pay attention, of the energy that you need in this life time. Each day your mind, body, and emotion need certain things to be at optimal health as a human being. Cleanse your mind and learn what you need to understand how to take care of you, instead of someone telling you how to take care of you. It is the control factor of you learning about you.

One of the things you need is essential amino acids. Those are supplied by mother nature. Creating by trial and error is the best teacher in the world. Creating through cooking will eventually create a party in your mouth I always say. Creating wonderful natural dishes that are good for you is part of the fun. Life is about having fun. Learning is also fun when you make it fun. Essential amino acids might sound boring to some, but to others it is fun. Simply because of what it does to give you energy.

Every one lives in a fast pace life style in this day and age, but everyone must make a conscious effort (being mindful) of the things you put into your mind, body, and emotion. Being mindful is holistic nutrition, because it is the whole being, of a human being as one energy in the macro.

Always keep in mind that the FDA is being ran by the government. The government made a pyramid of nutrition. That pyramid was great in the 1900’s back when USA was the #1 healthiest nation in the world. However, in the early 2000’s USA is now ranked as 89 of 100 healthiest nation in the world. That is a lot of human beings that are not paying attention to their needs, simply because they choose to listen to sources outside of self.

Always use moderation and simplification as a key when creating anything new in life. Always start small with baby steps. I constantly research, it is one of my passions, to find the energy for optimal health.

Food is Love, Love is food.
God is Love, Love is God.
Life is Love, Love is Life.
You are Love, Love is you.

Blessings to all.

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