Essence Of Love

There are 2 different kinds of love.

The love we give and the love we receive.

But, there is another kind of love.

That love is called essence.

Some would call it the spirit.

The spirit is our spirit guide that lives inside of us.

That is our essence beyond human senses.

That essence lets us feel love, because we are love.

Our own essence fills us up and over flows outside of self
and, connects through each spherical essence of each human being.

Our essence flows into each human being and slowly they begin filling full of warmth.

They are filling up with love.

Their body begins to tingle.

Everything they look at becomes brighter and more alive.

Each person feels the essence of love pulsating through their entire being.

They begin smiling because their hearts are growing and smiling with each breath of life they breath.

They are engulfed in the essence of love.


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