Physical Nutrition List

In 2012 I published my first book – The Universe Is Calling You.

In 2013 I received my PhD.  In 2013 I published my second book – The Infinity of Infinity of Infinite Self.

In 2014 I will be starting heavy training.  To be a vegan body builder belly dancer.

Part of holistic nutrition is the nutrition we put into our human bodies.   I have been vegan on and off for many years.  I balance between vegetarian and vegan.  I have compiled a list of vegan foods.  Vegan foods are whole based plant foods.  They have not been chemical compounded into a form that is not meant to be consumed by human consumption.  Humans do not have the acids in the stomach to process certain foods, as other animals do.  SAD – Season Affect Disorder also pertains to food.  SAD foods when consumed by a person that is sad will affect the chemical compounds in the human body, and the person will become more sad.

A nutritional balanced diet is processed through the entire human being.  Nutrition affects the mental body, the physical body, and the emotional body.  It is extremely important the nutrition that we consume as a human species that can ensure our survival in the future.  Our nutrition in present time is teaching future youth what proper care we give to our own selves.  To teach our future youth that nutrition can be fun is when we our selves learn that food can be fun.

Everything in life starts with awareness.  I learned many years ago, how to pay attention to the foods I consumed, as to how I felt after eating.  Since then I have been working my way towards all vegan foods that I consume.  I now find that if a food is not whole based plant food, my body will get physically sick.  It can no longer tolerate processed foods.

Being vegan and working out will give a person a natural high, simply because your body is saying thank you for treating me right.  There are many that say that it cost too much.  But not really when you factor in the high medical bills a person will have to pay for later, simply because they believed their own health was not important.  Medical cost are on the rise and it is important to take control of your own health.

Any thing in life that is rushed will only mess up.  I have worked with nutrition for about 30 years now.  Went from a junk food junky, to regular food, to vegetarian, to vegan, to raw vegan.  My Vedic body type needs warm food.  That means I can not be a raw vegan.

Vegan comes from Vedic.  It is a life style.  Vedic comes from Hindu.  I have lived a Vedic lifestyle for over 10 years.  It comes from being and doing.  Being human and acting human.  Begin human comes from meditation.   Thoughts turn into an emotion.  An emotion attaches to an emotional blockage.  An emotional blockage creates a dis-ease in mind, body, and emotion. That disease is an energy that takes on a life of its own, simply because it is control, instead of you being in control of you.  That energy is now creating karmic debt.  Thoughts have more power than most humans realize the energy that they create.  Being is an Eastern mind-set.  Doing is a Western mind-set.  Always creating action through doing more will speed up chi.  Chi is Chinese for energy.

Every one is born with a certain amount of Chi.  When chi is used up to quickly, is when an unbalance occurs.  An unbalance is the beginning of the energy of dis-ease.  The human species needs to balance self through doing and being.

Doing is being mindful through the holistic nutrition that one puts into ones own self.  Part of holistic nutrition is a lifestyle.  The thoughts, the nutrition that you consume, and what level you love yourself.

I compiled a list of vegan foods.  These are world foods.  I will post the list in the future.  I am in the process of making a list of herbs.  Herbs for natural medicine.  It must always be natural or it does not exist to me.  Then I will combine a list of vegan foods with herbs for receipts is the third step I will be working on while training.  This is a process that will take a few years.  As usual I am in no hurry.  When finished it may just be my 3rd book.

Remember, be good to your self, love your self, and love will be returned to you in many ways.