Changing Weight

From time to time my style of writing will change depending upon where my energy takes me.
For me life changed when I was 35 years old. I had my thyroid removed. I had to drink radio-active iodine for it to disintegrate because it was over active. That was 16 years ago. Since then many things have changed.  Keep in mind that perception is perceiving what one believes is truth.

When ever a person learns they have a disease they go through several emotions. In order to get to the point of acceptance you have 2 chooses of who is in control – you or your disease?
In order to be in control is to take control. I took control two years ago when I did my own research on natural thyroid replacement medication. When having a disease you must take medication. I lived on synthetic thyroid replacement medication for 14 years and I knew it was not right for me. When a medication is not right for you, your body and mind will tell you and your job is to listen, because things will only get worse when you don’t. You have to learn to go with the flow instead of fighting it.

Now my metabolism is normal which means endorphin’s are now kicking up. Your thyroid controls your moods, going to the restroom, eating, sleeping and so many other things that most people take for granted. At age 35 years old after taking out my thyroid I then received chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, osteopenia, menopause, and hyperthyroidism. So learning to control thyroid disease is a delicate matter.
Normal day – wake @ 3 or 4 am. Adding more exercise equipment to what I already have. No machines needs. Have to mix up routine. I walk the track at the high schools & jog the bleachers.
Years ago aerobics for cardio and strength training with free weights & machines, plus swimming at the gym. Then a few years later added walking the track and running the bleachers. 80% of work outs are at home. More convenient and cheap.
Determinations – lose 60 pounds in 5 months & did it.
This time determinations – 45 pounds in 5 months, I have 3 more pounds to go.
Whole body cleansing is normal, so to lose a lot of weight is not necessary if cleansing the mind, body, and emotion are not outside and unbalanced more than needs to be. Must cleanse mind, body, emotion every 3 months at the beginning of every season. Same as fertilize your plants at the beginning of every season. It ensures the health of the plant same as you.
At certain age’s for women their metabolism changes due to chemical reactions. Human personality changes every 7 years.  Keep in mind that when you believe your disease is who you are then you will become your disease. Disease is Dis-ease in the mind, body, and emotion which creates a disease, and then you become your disease.
Question to always ask yourself when you receive information from someone – Who is in control? You or your disease? If you believe you are in control then you must take steps to be in control. If your disease is in control of you then it will take steps to take control of you.
It is your choice.

It is the frequency of vibrational energy that you choose which energy to fill yourself with. You can choose hate or you can choose love. Hate is basically any negative energy – sadness, depression, anger, etc. Learn to love your hates and you will receive more of the loves you want and deserve.

Yes!!! You do deserve the love that you are because you are love!!!!