Karmic debt to credit

Worldly attachments create emotional attachments, which create blockages, that create karmic baggage, which become karmic debt.

As I sit and ponder these thoughts over the past year, my heart grows lighter because I am learning to release more attachments everyday.  As my heart grows lighter my spirit becomes brighter and a church bell down the street begins to ring in harmony with my spirit that is now free. All the love and joy of energy that illuminates the world brings a smile to my heart.

I released 95% of my worldly possessions many years ago. I find that having possessions only brings worry, such as being afraid of something that might get broken or stolen.  I figure why, what is the point to worry over such little stuff that will not matter in years to come.  If it is not fun, then what is the point in doing it.

My heart is filled with joy and love.  Love is an energy that many have forgotten to give to their own selves.  The more love we give to our own selves the more we can then give to all.

Releasing worldly possessions releases the energy of living in 3D third dimension that binds us to karmic debt.  To create karmic credit is to fill one’s heart with love, which is the love of giving.

The reason for this post is to once again open my heart.  I received no gifts from anyone for Christmas this year, and that is fine with me because I still love everyone.  Possessions only bind the heart and it is better to give than to receive.

So, I am sending love and peace to all those in need to lighten their hearts, so they can also be free.  Love is the most beautiful energy a person can share with the ones they love.

The journey of life is to learn how to collect karmic credit, which is the freedom to love. Remember to love yourself and in return you will be releasing karmic debt.  Be good to yourself, love yourself, and the world will love you.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a beautiful new year.