Seeing Energy

Pure State of Energy

I see energy from the moment I was born in 3D.  It is only natural for humans to see energy also. It is a birth right to bring this energy to life. Energy is alive in constant fluxation in 3D third dimension.

All humans have a choice on how they see energy.  When I was young I called it, the minds eye.  I did not know the lingo of labels in certain spherical circles.  To see energy is seen with the minds eye.  Chi is energy.  Everyone is born with a certain amount of energy.  This energy lives within all life forms whether it is organic or inorganic.  When the energy gives outside of self it is called energy life force.  When this energy is received it is called energy life force.

This energy is given from self freely but must be recharged on a daily basis.  This is the whole point of sleep and rest.  This is taking time for self to recharge self.  If the energy gets used up without recharging, is when the human dies but the spirit lives on.  Then the spirit searches for another body so that the spirit can continue on its mission.  The mission is to understand all 12 love levels in order to move into knowing the 12 love levels.

I see energy in everything.  It is a lamination of waves that emanate from people, animals, plants, anything and everything.  I was born in 3D to be able to see with whole body and I learned just a few years ago the lingo is called 3rd eye chakra seeing.  One can only do this when all chakras are clear of blockages.  To do this is to be able to see with one’s whole being.  It is the human 5 senses and beyond human comprehension.  To see with ones whole being is to look with the minds eye and see the past, present, and future of people, places, things, anything and everything.

In one of my past life reports it said I am mother and father in this life time. So when I view something it is down to earth common sense to know the past, present, future of what ever energy emanates from something.

For example – let’s say you see a giant box.  That box you know contains a car.  You see this with your minds eye.  You look deeper – you see the interior – look deeper – you see the engine and all the mechanical parts.  Look deeper you see these car parts running; you see that every single part is only solid simply because you see with human eyes.  Look deeper and you can see with minds eye the organisms that created what you believe to be solid.  The organisms that make the engine are organic.  It is protons and neutrons, etc. etc.  This is what you and the cosmos and everything in between – in 3D is formed into solid in 3D – through perception.

Now see yourself sitting in this car that is sitting in a box.  You start the engine.  It gives off only energy, because it was your energy that started that car.  There are no fumes because that is human sense, it is only energy.  Now you are driving because your minds eye takes you where you want to go through your energy life force.  You physically are not moving, you physically stay in the car in the box.  This is called visualization.  You can go anywhere and experience anything your will power takes you.  While on this adventure check your emotions, I bet they feel light.  Heaviness is 3D third dimension.  This would be called a resting period, resting the human body, this is what is called being.

Everything goes into a resting period and recollects energy.  Mother Nature calls this dormant period.  This would be fall and winter for earth.

Energy is life.  Energy has power.  You can direct that power to what ever life form you perceive it needs to go.  Every ones higher consciousness starts with the 8th chakra.  Your intuition is your higher self.  Understanding selfs’ energy stimulates from the 2nd and 3rd chakra.  These are energies from human 5 senses.

When I was 12 years old I use to watch a tv program on public access tv called yoga.  No one ever told me this is good or bad or other wise.  I just knew that this was part of who I was.  Just a few years ago I found out what yoga meant.

With no guides to take me on the path of my destiny while growing up, except my own intuition, I found my own path.  At age 11 years old I knew my destiny.  Some may say I took the long path.  With no guides – when you can see others that live in a constant state of human emotions that controls their lives, would make you ponder why.  Why do humans let themselves be controlled by their emotions, instead of them being in control of their emotions?  Basically if they can not control their own emotions then how could they give advice about destiny?

This is when vision became crystal clear, of where a person’s past, present, future determines their own destiny, through their own perception of perceiving their own self.  Basically if their emotions are in control of them, then they are too much in 3D third dimension.  Too much and too little creates un-balance.  It’s like the gravitational pull that keeps your feet on the ground.  Earth is yin – female, heaven is yang – male, according to Feng Shui.  Females are all about emotion, too much yin too much female, too much yang too much male, only moderation will create balance.

All life was born with energy – energy can be female and male.  In human understanding is to label things as male and female.  All humans were born with male and female inside of self.  It is their belief system that determines through a belief system if something is male or female by the energy they choose what emotion to have.

To go from understanding to knowing is to know that energy is a pure state of consciousness.  It is neither male nor female and yet it is both.  Pure state of energy is life.  It is the human that determines where to direct that energy.  Energy starts from the holographical umbilical cord that has tentacles that are attached to the matrix.  To understand pure state of energy is to go in between the between to the core of being.  The core of being contains the 4 bodies of being.  When a person has passed the level of the holographical umbilical cord is when a person has passed into the state of knowing the pure state of energy.

Pure state of energy is seeing energy through the minds eye and the human eye sight becomes dormant. You are basically bringing one’s dream state into one’s waking state simultaneously in order activate pure state of energy.