Holographic Memories

Parents are our first connection to unconditional love.  The moment we are born we are born with holographic memories that are in our subconscious.  The memories are from past lives brought into this life, by way of contracts that we have set up before coming into 3D third dimension.

Each time a person is born, they are born with a clean slate starting with 0 on the line of infinity.  Each person is born with a pure state of unconditional love.  The second a person is conceived from the essence of the parents the energy of pure unconditional love takes form.  The child is then created with unconditional love in 3D third dimension.  This is the only love a child knows.

From the parent’s first touch after birth, energy is then given life.  Each touch contains infinite vibrational levels of energy.  Each level is holographic in nature.  The energy lives in all 4 bodies of being within each being.  As a child grows they learn through their parents what love means to each parent.  The child learns through their 5 human senses.  Each parent brings to the child their own core being vibrational level of love.

A parent can only teach love, what the parent has learned what love is.  We can not teach what we have not learned.  We only teach what we have learned, through human behavioral patterns of what we perceive love to be.  A parent teaches what they think the child needs not what the child actually needs.