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Creationism –

Creation is creating something by first a thought.

Ism – : a belief, attitude, style, etc., that is referred to by a word that ends in the suffix -ism

Creationism is basically is created by a thought through a learned behavioral pattern of man made concepts.

You can create creationism through your thoughts and will in turn create your world.

Take two objects and with the correct adhesion (glue) you can then create a new object in 3d 3rd dimension.

For example: I created a hanging picture by taking 4 white tiles & painting abstract shooting star with tale in each tile. Then paint polyurethane over each tile, so that the paint will not fade over time.  Then cut a piece of square wood in the dimensions that will be the back drop of the tiles. Adhesion ( – tiles on the wood using mastic (glue), which attaches the tiles to the wood.  On the back of the wood attach 2 small screws & wrap some picture wire on each end & you got a picture to hang on your wall.

It is very simple to create many things in your life as long as you know the chemical compounds.  The chemical compounds are the adhesion that keeps things glued together.  That adhesion is also a chemical compound.

Chemical compounds are also biological chemical compounds.  Biological chemical compounds are made up of some of chemical compounds using the periodic table.  When you use the periodical table to adhere 2 different objects you will then produce a product that now is 1 chemical compound of energy.  The final result – 1 energy in 3d 3rd dimension of chemical compound using the periodical table.

However, that final result of – 1 energy that is in 3d 3rd dimension as a solid. However, in quantum mechanics we know that quantum mechanics contains energy that we can not see with the human eyes, by mathematical calculations. We know that 2 objects in 3d produce a solid matter, but in other dimensions we know that energy as holographic energy.

The holographic energy is in 4d, 5d and many other dimensions.  Basically, when you look at the picture I made you will then not only see it in 3d 3rd dimension, but also you receive vibrations of pulsations through your subconscious. That is how memories are made.

Memories are made through an experience that all your senses have come in contact with.  You may not remember through your mind, but your conscious keeps records for future reference through memories.  These memories are holographic when it is stored in the Mental body, the Physical body, the Emotional body, and the Spiritual body.

When you look at a picture it sends pulsating vibrational energies in the 4 bodies of being.  The 4 bodies of being will then separate where that memory will be storied through your consciousness.   It is the same exact thing in a human relation to self & everything outside of self.

Those pulsating vibrational energies create an energy that is holographical to the human eye.  Only conscious knows how to interpret objects that come in contact through the human 5 senses through memory.  That memory is based upon an experience.

A thought creates an emotion, which creates an attachment. That emotional attachment creates energy.  That energy stays alive as long as you focus on that object.  When you release that thought that energy is still there in holographic form.  It is still a pulsating vibrational energy, when you focus on something that creates awareness.  That awareness is then filed into your 4 bodies of being in the holographical umbilical cord.  The attachment from the holographical umbilical cord is called tentacles, which are fractals. Fractals are mathematical equations.

2 worlds, living one inside the other.  When you go in between the between is where you go deeper within your self and you will then bring back the holographical memories that you thought you had once forgotten.  But in reality it is simply filed away in your consciousness due to the fact you don’t use it you lose it.  You did not lose it you simply misplaced it in your holographical memory of the human 5 senses.

Once you start letting your creative side out you will then open doors within your consciousness that will create your world.  Release the limitations of what you believe to be true by finding your adhesion and you will find your glue. The glue helps to hold together what you perceive to be true through your perception of who you are.  When you find you, then you will know the adhesion of what make you, you.

How does one do that, it is by re-connecting the mind/body/emotion/spirit into 1 love – self love.  Self love is simply re-discovering who you are that you had misplaced, because you had forgotten about the adhesion (glue) of what makes you, you.  Start small – baby steps of opening up your self to you.  Find your glue that makes your heart smile.

Light and Love