The Heart


The heart is the treasure of knowledge once forgotten.

When consciousness is open to receiving and giving, it is because the heart knows what is love. It is the human that has to learn to open the bridge between the upper and lower self called the heart. Learn to understand that every situation is the door to possibilities of personal growth. Personal growth helps the heart reconnect one’s own destiny.

Part of one’s destiny is to understand how human pain can help a person grow in personal growth. To stay in the moment of defined chi through one’s own emotion is to create blockages. Staying in a human moment of emotion starts the world of chaos. For the simple fact that energy only knows one thing and that is movement. When a human is in a moment that lingers for too long, whether the moment is good or bad, energy on sees movement. Energy only sees movement, meaning that if a human emotion is standing still in the same energy then stagnation begins.

Stagnating energy can be toxic to a human being if the human beings energy stays the same. Moderation and simplification are keys to being centered and balanced. To be in negative energy too much or too long creates toxins. To be in positive energy too much or too long creates toxins. Energy only understands one thing and that is movement.

Movement is change, change of energies is the whole point of 3-D third dimension. Learn to understand why and what is the point of energies that come into your life, because everything happens for a reason. The reason is to learn to change. If you do not change the universe with change things for you.

Every single situation that comes into your life is for personal growth and to understand why change is being presented to you. The change is called tough love from the universe. Learn to love change. If a person sees it any other way, then the universe will keep sending changes into your life until you learn your love lessons. They are called universal law.

Learn to love life and all it brings to you. The positive and negative are a part of you in every single way. Love life and life will love you. Change is your friend, embrace it, hold it, and then let it go.

Welcome change and change will welcome you. Love change and change will love you. Slow moments in time to a single moment and that moment is now. Center in tranquility and you will be centered and change will change within and project out. At that moment in time a ripple effect will take place and a boom a rang is birthed. You have now created a change of being. Be free to love yourself and the world will love you.

Light and Love