I have meditated for over 40 years & this is the best vibrational tones that have helped me reach a new higher consciousness. I will communicate with my spirit guild to help tone down the ringing.

This was the best meditation I have had in a very long time. When meditating, the mind is still aware of waking state and at the same time one can have access to the dream state.

I gave my self permission many moons ago, to bring my dream state into my waking state of consciousness. In order to reach both states of consciousness is through obtaining the highest state of personal growth.

I love still mind meditation. This gives all the 4 bodies of being openness to receiving and giving through all levels of chakras. The experience is pure bliss within cosmic consciousness. There are 21 chakras and self makes 22, in the 4 bodies of being.

This is easy to do with many years of practice. I love life and life loves me through being balanced and centered within core of being. I have balance on the earth plane because I was born Wicca, which is a white witch. My blessings are gifts that live in cosmic consciousness from the astro plane. Two worlds outside of self, the physical plane and the astro plane come together as one into the core of being.

The energy of 2 worlds opens to the vibrational tones of the universe. The frequencies of harmonic vibrational tones will be through the experiences on earth. To be open to receiving the vibrational tones from the universe is love in all pure states of consciousness.

To be balanced is to reach 963 Hz. This is my normal state of awareness. When humans vibrate at less Hz than 963 it simply means they are un-balanced in core of being. Meditation brings one back to center of self. The more one meditates, then the more one can meditate often anytime or anywhere. For true deep meditation, ones awareness reaches the state past the 4 bodies of being, then one is in 5-D without effort and with ease.

Self is ego, when you meditate you are in control of self instead of self being in control of you. When you meditate you release the burdens of karmic baggage. Karmic baggage is a weight that many cling to for comfort. Release your fears and you will release your karmic baggage. Releasing is through meditation.

Light and Love to all.