3-D to 5-D

Conscience is a fifth dimensional vibration; it is neither a fourth dimensional thought nor third dimensional feeling, even though the force of its activity is experienced by humanity in one of these two lower dimensions. The function of conscience is to provide guidance for human beings in their struggle to balance their being and live in harmony with fifth dimensional laws. Just as the sun sends out light constantly, so this impulse unceasingly emanates from the fifth dimension. Unfortunately, due to being caught up in bodies, material activities and sense objects, humanity responds to this impulse inconsistently, or not at all. However, if we do respond to it, conscience will then provide guidance to assist the process of rising above third dimensional circumstances and fourth dimensional concepts and realising our fifth dimensional consciousness.

Consciousness has always been 1. It is the thought process in 5-D that creates action in 3-D.

5-D is where thought creates from creative creation of creationism. This is the starting point of #1. The path of thought into action is #2. Which in turn follows into #3 result.

1 + 2 = 3. #1 is what we want, #2 is the path to get what we want, and #3 is action of cause & effect of manifesting what we want.

Wants are human desires, needs are universal law. You think it and it will happen. Depending upon your vibrational thoughts, will send out vibrations of negative or positive energy & you will receive what you wanted. #1 is what you want, # 2 is the path to get what you want, and #3 is the result of what you want.

Have you ever thought in your mind you wanted a car. And yet you did not think about the specifics of the car. As time passed you got that car, but that car had a bad battery or the muffler just died when you got the car, or the brakes had a recall. The fact is you got what you wanted but you really didn’t know what you wanted because you were not specific in what you wanted. So the result is #3 you always get what you want as long as you are specific in what you want. If you are not specific then you always get what you want just not how you wanted it.

Human wants are desires and the universe only gives needs. You receive needs in love lessons. You will receive that car from the universe in the form of a need to learn a lesson. The lesson is to learn self-awareness in the form of self-love through the lessons of love levels.

Only you can discover the love lesson that you need to teach and learn.


Light and Love to all

Juanita Lewis D.Div, PhD.