Limitations are conditional love. Limitations are perceptions of learned behavioral patterns. Limitations limit love to self, due to the fact that we follow someone else’s perception of learned behavioral patterns.

When someone tells us to do something instead of asking us to do something, that is their ego talking and they basically the one in charge of telling you what to do. The limitation is when you let the other person be in charge of you, you are thus giving your power away and limiting your self to self-love.

When we limit our own self to self-love, then in turn we basically telling others that it is ok to give me less love because I am giving my self less love. This means you are telling the universe that you are not worthy of the love that you deserve because you are limiting your self to love, through self-love and that is conditional love.

To understand unconditional love is to understand that when we love unconditionally is to love self unconditionally. When we love self unconditionally then the universe knows you are living in limitless love, which is unconditional love.

Conditional love is to judge self, which is judging others. Conditional love is living in the ego and through a learned behavioral pattern of conditioning,by society and culture, etc. and it stops one from being mindful of what self does to self and everyone that self is aware of.

Unconditional love is limitless through being mindful of ones thoughts and actions. One can and does live in unconditional love, when one is aware of the love level one is living in.

Love is intangible. When humans make love tangible then it becomes controlled, which is conditional love. Love is being at one with self. Love is being balanced with self. To be balanced is being in the core of being. Going into the between of the between is the core of being, which is the neutral, the void. That is the moment when we have a choice to living in love or live in fear. To live in fear is to limit love of self – conditional love. To live in love is to live in limitless love of self – unconditional love.

Living in limitless unconditional love is to know how to love your hates. Learning to love your hates can take a life time or less, it is basically up to you as to how much you live in unconditional love. Unconditional love takes time to learn through baby steps, by reprogramming learned behavioral patterns of perception through cultures and societies.

In 3-D third dimension we have but one life in this life time. 3-D is the physical plane of existence. The physical plane of human perception of tangible creates a perception through experience of conditional and unconditional love. It is only when humans have learned to be mindful through self-awareness, can one truly be free of conditional love and progress through personal growth into unconditional love by learning to love your hates.

Learning to love you hates is learning to love the negative side of self. The positive and negative energies are 2 energies of essence in self, 2 = 1 being. Unconditional love, is loving both parts of self in order to be whole. Loving both parts of self is learning to love your hates in order to become at one with self.

To be at one with self is to understand in 3-D third dimension we have time/space & mass/matter, these are tangible. tangible have time limits in 3-D third dimension. Knowing the time limits of self in 3-D is learning our limits in 3-D. Love is intangible, it is limitless in 3-D. Part of learning love in 3-D is through the understanding of when we learn to take care of self, this is telling the universe “I Love Me”, because I care for me, I am responsible for me, and I respect me.

Taking care of self in 3-D is to know that the limitations of knowing that we have only so many chances to make mindful choices that will bring us a healthy happy life in 3-D. Our palm gives us time limits in 3-D. The lines we are born with have time limits of ones life. These lines will give us a glimpse into the future of our health, life, heart, marriage, children, etc. Learning our lines on left hand is the past, the right hand is the future, and the right hand is the potential of where our life is going through our path of destiny. When we follow someone else’s destiny we are not following our own path of destiny and the lines on our right hand changes and detours us off our path of destiny.

If we truly want to be happy and healthy in this life time, then we must learn to be mindful of thoughts and actions that create the universal law of cause and effect.

Your road map of your destiny lies with in the lines of your hands. Learn your limits before your limits limit you in this life time. Learning about self-will help self-love self.

Learn to love your hates and you will pass into unconditional love.

Light and Love.

Juanita Lewis, D.Div, PhD.