Self Awareness

Humans are and have always been very strange creatures on planet earth.  There are many species that live in collective consciousness for the unit of their species.  They work as a team in harmony.   Humans work as individuals, in individual consciousness.

The 3 levels of consciousness – subconscious, conscious, and super-conscious.

There are many species on planet earth that are self-aware.  As time progresses on planet earth many humans have been losing self-awareness.  Depending upon someone’s vibration of what level of consciousness they vibrate at will depend upon their level of self-awareness.

Self-awareness is when a human being is self-aware that they are 2 energies in one.  1 person is positive and negative energy in 1 body.  It depends upon what level of love lessons that self has learned, in this life time in 3-D, as to whether they can comprehend the powerful energy that lays dormant in self.  There is no manual when one is born that tells a person, that life is this way and you do this and you get that in return.

When a human being understands what it means to be human, thus they are in the knowing of 2 energies as 1.  When they fully understand that both energies reside in 1 human being is what it means to be human.  The negative part of self is fear.  The positive part of self is love.

When a human has self love for self, they can then understand love on a global scale and live in collective consciousness.  Collective consciousness is taking all three levels of consciousness and bringing it together as one on a massive scale.  When many humans come together in 1 collective consciousness they live in unity of 1 love, 1 heart, and 1 consciousness.

The hardest part of life – is knowing.  Does self live in introvert or extrovert perception of self?  Introvert – what the world has done to me.  Extrovert – what I have done to the world.

Find – Seek – Conquer – Move On

When we conquer, means to conquer ones own fear – fear of being introvert and/or extrovert.  One thing is for sure there are no species that commit suicide, except the non-self aware called human.  The human separation of self from self is what creates fear, which takes a person away from love, self love.   Through out the past 2000 years humans have separated self from self, because they have lost their power.

When we believe in someone else’s true that is fate.  When we believe in our own truth it is destiny.  Believing in others true is not our own truth.  When others have power over us, it is because we let them.  That means we are giving our power away.  The power of self-love.  Following someone else’s truth, it is not our own truth.  Thus creates dis-belief, which creates dis-ease in self.  Following ones own truth, creates belief, which creates ease in self.

When we dis-believe we dis-love self.  As a human species has experienced power within self, self can choose to live in love or fear.  To release fear takes courage and responsibility.  Love is the courage to love self, no matter what happens in life.  Love is the courage to forgive self, no matter what happens in life.  Love is the responsibility to forgive self, no matter what happens in life.  Love is the responsibility to love self, no matter what happens in life.

When we take back our power we are telling self “I LOVE YOU”.  The power to love self takes practice and patients with self.  Because all 3 levels of consciousness has to believe in what is true, in order for things to change inside self.

How many times a day do you say to your self “I LOVE YOU”? We practice at many things in life, but telling self “I LOVE YOU” is probably not on ones priority list of things to do.  The more you say “I LOVE YOU”, and then slowly life becomes beautiful, with time and patients.  There are too many humans in the world that need more self love.

People want and need to be loved it is what makes us human.  Without love our species will eventually become non existent.  The oldest reptile on planet earth is the crocodile.   If humans stay on the path of living in fear in stead of love, then the crocodile’s will once again be the oldest species on earth.

Loving self takes no external material items.  Loving self just requires a little effort and belief.  It only cost a little time of your day.  With practice you will feel a vibration of lightness within your being.  Changing fears to loves takes practice.  The love that builds inside of self will grow.  That energy will be felt by collective consciousness.  The more we build collective consciousness, then the more we can work as a team in harmony.

Human self-awareness starts with self.   Connecting with collective consciousness is a birth right.  Claim your birth right.

Light and Love to all.