Gene Therapy

Science is progressing through human gene understanding.

Is Gene Therapy good or bad?  Only you can decide after reviewing facts as science presents to humans, through human understanding of self at present moment in time.

However, keep in mind that dis-ease in a persons past life will be carried over into present life, when a person has not cleared their karmic debt.  Karmic debt must be paid it is Universal Law.

Also, science only treats dis-ease, they do not cure.  By treating they supply synthetic substance.  Which most human bodies will reject in time, which creates more havoc.

One option is past life regression.  To uncover what is covered in past karmic debt, will help a person understand the beginning, the core of being.  Then a person can decide the best option of treating dis-ease.

Dis-ease starts in 1 or all 4 bodies.  The mental body, the physical body, the emotional body, and the spirit body.  Understanding dis-ease starts with the core of being.  It is journey into the unknown.  It can take less than one life time, or multiply life times to find the core of being.

The 12 lessons of love are found in the core of being.  In the core of being is the moment of truth.  When one knows the truth of being, then self will revel to self the positive and negative karmic debts.  Building a life time of self-love will bring self closer to core of being.

Cleansing karmic debt will cleanse karmic ties to dis-ease.

Gene Therapy through science or through holistic therapy, only you can decide the best option for you and you only.

Light and Love to all.