Negatory creates internal purgatory that keeps karmic debt alive.

Being so serious in life we miss out on the little things in life; that brings smiles to our hearts and laughter to our being.

Finding your passion in life brings life to inanimate objects.  Creating brings passion alive.  What goes around comes around.  Creating passion is energy.  My passion is creating beautification.  Bringing beauty and love through creating beautification.

I am a landscaper by trade. I beautify the greenery of organic nature.  I tend to the plant kingdom through IPM of hundreds of acres.  IPM – intergrated pest management.  This is my trade by day.  By night I seek, find, conquer, & move on through understanding personal growth.  Seek personal growth, find personal growth, conquer personal growth, and then move on to the next lesson.

I find personal growth through art, music, writing, and creating one-of-a-kind crafts, etc.  Personal growth starts with taking every negative thought & word and making it positive.  Being mindful by changing thoughts of negative creates positive thoughts.  What goes around comes around. For example, when we see an elderly person standing on a street corner waiting for the light to change to walk. We notice they may be dirty like not having a shower and the clothes are tattered. First thought is they look dirty, but first thought should only be only to smile at them.  That is a positive sign, meaning have a wonderful day.

Every one needs a smile, it becomes contagious.  My dogs even smile when they are panting 🙂

Living in negatory creates internal purgatory that keeps karmic debt alive.  Enjoy life, smile more often, and the more you smile the more the world will smile with you. 🙂