Ology = The Study Of

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Ology = the study of, such as Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, Epistemology, etc. Color psychology studies with facts, figures, research, and experiments.

Businesses use it all the time for there business. For example, red means hurry and big business has red on building, packaging, etc. In business; psychologically red means hurry with your product so you can buy more. Color is big business, because color plays with human emotions and big business knows this.

Before purchasing products or service – Thought – is this what I need and/or want before purchasing. Will it give me or others a memory of intangible for a short time and maybe create a short term debt, because money is an extension of our emotions. Or will it give me or others a personal growth that is a memory of the intangible for life times. Because, memory is intangible that lives in 1 or more of the 4 bodies of a human being.

Color psychology also plays a part in all 4 bodies of the human being. 1 – Mental body, 2 – Physical body, 3 – Emotional body, 4 – Spiritual body.

The human being is a being that lives in many dimensions simultaneously. Self awareness is present moment of being in present moment. Thoughts are one dimension in one moment in time. 3-D third dimension – time/space and mass/matter. Action is putting forth being into another dimension than present moment. When you have thought and action; simultaneously in one moment, you are thus in another dimension at any given moment in time. Time is a universal clock. Humans interpret time as past, present, future. Universe only sees time as present moment.

Memories are created in present moment. Memory is holographic vibrational neuronic energy that is birthed into creation. Self makes a choice to keep or discard memory. Memory lives on in 1 or more of the human 4 bodies and is sent out into the universe and is recycled into the opposite of the energy at first present. That memory energy comes back to the human being from the universe as a lesson to learn in 1 of the 12 lessons of love. Humans have conduits called chakras and receive and give energy to self and others. The giving chakras are on the front of the body and the receiving are on the back of the body. The energy is recycled in and out of the human body into circles. What goes in must come out, universal law – Karma.

The Emotional body of a human being projects energy in the form of color called auras. The color spectrum is beyond human comprehension through the naked eye. A visionary can see with the 7th chakra the human auric body at any given moment in time. The auric body is projected out of the being in the form of vibrational color at one moment in time. For the human that is not in tune with self, one can view these colors with an auric picture.

The root chakra vibrates at the tone of the color red, which is the primordial body. The color red is project into the universe and recycled back to the human that makes an imprint in the being, which becomes layered with in the being. These vibrational tones become a symbol, which in turn human label these tones as color.

The language of color is present in cultural linguistic styles. Each culture has sub-cultures. Each generation passes down linguistics to the sub-culture. For example, the color red in one culture means something different within different perceptions of self. In one culture the color WHITE = pure. In another culture the color WHITE = death. With time color psychology is passed down to the sub-culture. Color psychology is a learned behavior within cultures. A learned behavior is intellect.

A learned behavior of color psychology is perception of self. One hemisphere of earth believes that the color RED – means love, passion, while in another hemisphere of earth believes that the color RED – means fear, anger. These are taught learned behaviors which a human has a choice to believe. When the human being has knowledge of past lives and it is brought into present life this is knowing. Knowing of past life times are intangible memories that are carried over into present life time. Intangible memories are beyond human comprehension in the scope of sphirical sphere of circle of life – birth + death = rebirth. When a human being is self aware then they are in the knowing of past, present, and future lives of self at the present moment.

To live in intellect is living – true – true to believe in perception outside of self.

To live in knowing is living – truth – truth to believe in perception inside of self = self awareness.

The color red imitates and penetrates from the emotional body of a being which pertains into the emotional state of the being. When the color red stimulates love and passion it has pasted the negative state of being in fear and is recycled into love. Red begins in the primordial body in the lower plane of existence, in the first chakra. When the color red is brought up into a higher state of being through self awareness it lives in the higher plane of existence, which is in the love of oneness.

Red travels through the holographic matrix and connects with all existence through holographic neurons. When a being is self aware in present moment the vibration of the color tone of RED stimulates neurons in the being. The layers of emotional memories are stimulated into being, and the mixture of past layers of memories meet new layers of memories which in turn create new layers of memories.

Sharing memories from one being to another through vibrational tones stimulates new auric colors in both beings.

In photo shown human being and animal being simultaneously connect through the vibration tone that produces the color of red. Red in higher vibration produces vibration in the human endorphin’s The neurons that were created and birthed are carried out through the endorphin’s through out both beings and radiate at high frequency of energy. The high vibrational tone stimulates a new organic intangible memory called love, in the higher plane of existence of connecting as oneness.

Higher vibrations live in the cosmic planes of existence with in cosmic consciousness of self, it is the in between of the between of self. Radiating pure love of living within ones own truth of self is the purest love of all. It is the inner connectedness of pure heart of pure love of truth of self that blends the mixtures of souls, and intertwines the universal levels of love of knowing.

Love and Light