Physician and/or Practitioner



Caduceus – (the staff of Hermes)

An ancient symbol dating back to the Greek messenger god Hermes (The Romans called him Mercury).  In Indian philosophy and medicine the Caduceus is intimately associated with the system of energy centers called Chakras….The two serpents coiling around the staff (represent the positive and negative forces) like the yin and yang of Chinese Medicine.  The crossing over of the two serpents creates 5 energy fields in the body.

Symbols are a humans way of interpreting their world as they perceive it to be true.  Their perception determines their belief system.  A belief system is how a human chooses a physician and/or a practitioner.

The difference between a physician and a practitioner is that a physician heals with synthetic healing and a practitioner heals with natural healing.  Many moons have passed since a practitioner heals naturally as part of the community doctor.   Understanding the difference between healing is the first step to unlocking the doors within consciousness.  The keys are asking the right questions in order to receive the knowledge that unlocks the doors towards personal growth.

Personal growth is an awareness of all the human 5 senses, that is birth right, for the ones that are still destined to learn lessons in this life time.

First we learn to pay attention, and than we are aware, which begets awareness, which takes us into enlightenment.  If we so choose to understand our sicknesses/ailments then we must understand the root of the ailment and how it began.  When we are aware of the root of the ailment, then we can thus cure what ever ails us.

Esoteric teachings have created symbolism; which humans interpret within their scope of understanding that is birthed in their perception of self.  Thus nuclear human beings have adjusted symbolism to meet human needs and wants, which is the ego.

When the ego dominates the being and the human ego takes on control of more power then they are destiny to possess, perception of self changes.  The ego possesses the human and their belief system changes into something they can no longer control.  They believe that they have the power to cure.  That power takes on a life of its own and convinces the human that the only way to take control of others is through the mind control of others and to believe what they believe.

When a human believes that another person can cure them of what ever ails them, and then it is through the physician that treats with synthetic tangible.  When a human believes that another person can cure them of what ever ails them, and it is through the practitioner that cures with organic intangibles.

The synthetic tangible is a foreign entity of a substance that is not natural for the human and creates and brings more problems into the human being.  The human believed that something outside of self would change the course of a dis-ease that possesses the human.  However, it only gave the human more challenges, because the human did not learn the lesson of what was the root of the ailment.

The organic intangibles are part of the natural part of the human and creates and brings the human back to wholeness.  The human believed that something inside of self would change the course of a dis-ease that possesses the human.  The human gave self back the power to cure self of the ailment, because the human learned what the root of the ailment was.

Humans create their own ailments through their thoughts and actions.   When self learns the lessons of the love levels, then self has learned to stop collecting ailments and learns to release ailments.  The power of perception changes ones belief system from power outside of self to power inside of self.

Power starts with choice.  Every human being has a choice to keep their own power or give their power away.

The power to choose a physician or practitioner is a choice to choose synthetic tangible or organic intangible.  A single choice can and will choose ones destiny.

Choose wisely.

Love and Light