Each day we live in a world of change. Change is inevitable and with in change we collect the universal law called opposite. It has always been that way and will always be that way, because we live in the physical 3-D third dimension. Now it is interesting to note that some believe and some don’t in the things that a person can not physical touch through the 5 senses, unidentifiable objects.

It is also interesting to note that since the 1930’s UFO’s have been visiting earth from reports. Also, Indigo’s have appeared on earth since the 1940’s.

Through out human time of human history there have been cave paints of aliens. There have been reports that gods have impregnated human females. This is nothing new it is found through human history. Then we have hybrid babies from the mixing of alien and human.

Since the 1930’s human DNA has changed and altered. Facts are facts no matter what branch of fact you believe in, it is your belief system that will be determined through your perception.

Scientist have done studies that they believe an experimentation will work and it does. They have also done the same experimentation and believed it won’t work and it doesn’t. Point is your perception is what determines your belief system.

Bottom line understanding you own perception is gathering all the facts before you judge and be judged.

To judge is to only judge self which is projected upon others and reflex’s back to you and you thus become judged. It is a deadly sin and one of the laws of the universe. And guess what it is called Karma. As time speeds up, judging happens in this life time, it is called instant gratification 🙂

Light and Love ♥